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July 19, 2017

I pray that we awaken,

that we not succomb to hopelessness,

that corruption not encase us

in the inevitable Iron Cage,

I pray that we, as humanity,

not lose our unique ability

to READ and think BEYOND

the images blasted at us on TV,

———— this is a poem to be finished later………………………………………………





I need to tell my brother what I saw

July 16, 2017

Poem inspired by current events, being 63, and Stephen Stills’ song, “Singin’ Call.”


(be back later!!) Ciao





“Help me sweet Jesus, I’m weary from the journey,

I need to tell my brother what I saw…”  — Stephen Stills 2, Singin’ Call.

highway haiku

December 18, 2016

Driving into Savannah Fri. night, we saw many downed trees that were lying sideways, the tops of them near the highway, as if reaching towards us. They would suddenly appear, whitish-gray trunks of trees against the night, and I wrote this haiku:


Skeletons of trees,

Arms are reaching out to us,

Hurricane remnants.

Fruitcake haiku

December 4, 2016

He stirs the batter,
Makes fruitcakes with Great-Grandma,
Building memories.


(This Thanksgiving break, Zakiah our grandson helped AL’s mom make her annual fruitcakes she gives out to all the families. She makes chocolate ones, apricot, ones with white and what flour. She is too weak now to make them by herself and use the electric mixer. Zakiah, age 10, did that and built a relationship with her.)


End of semester

December 3, 2016

I sit, at my desk,

after 10 hours’ sleep

where I tossed and turned all night,

my body, settling,

my brain, active,

thoughts of my students raging aloud,

The morning sun streaming,

my coffee, strong,

it comforts me as I take it in,

For the end of a race,

you must save energy

for the final sprint, where you give it all,

Knowing this balance makes all the difference

and determines who wins the race,

My final sprint is a thousand emails,

a hundred papers to grade,

Notebooks filled with assignments

from anxious students on the last day,

… but a crisp, Fall morning beckons

for a leisurely walk around

my favorite park, with trees still standing,

as their beauty falls to the ground.


cfblack, 12-03-2016  

Sounds of highway traffic

November 28, 2016

I can hear sounds of highway traffic from our front yard. It has become louder as the trees lose their foilage, but it somehow doesn’t bother me. It reminds me that I am home and not out on that highway.

Sounds of highway traffic,

Trucks are rolling swiftly past,

I am safe at home.


 cfblack, 11-28-2016

Hotel haiku

November 25, 2016

Half conversations

People coming and going

Waffles for breakfast.



November 16, 2016

Noise, I hear noise,

like shattered glass,

I turn on the news,

and hear his name,

his voice saying words

I want to forget,

now enshrined, historic,

their hateful tones repeated,

turn all our frustration into hate for each other,

And I want to tell my daughters

they are never second best,

and my granddaughters, to never let

their hearts be afraid,

I want to tell the people

that our power lies together,

as one voice, rolling down

like a mighty stream,

They will play upon our fears,

they will break up and divide us,

they will plunder what is left

of the beauty of the earth,

for as long as we are blinded,

they will rake up the profits,

and leave us all to fight

for little scraps they leave us,

We need to build connections,

coalitions and alliance

Not another Berlin wall

to separate and divide us,

Holding hands in a vice grip,

supporting one another,

Our fears can never be

what makes us whole,

The earth is one country,

and mankind its citizens,

We are leaves of one branch,

Different flowers of one garden.


cfblack  11-16-2016

The Sun

November 7, 2016

This little haiku occurred to me this morning while driving to work at 7:30am:

The Sun pierces night

everywhere sends beams of light

at the horizon.


cfblack, 11-07-2016

South Carolina Hurricane haiku’s

October 8, 2016

The wind never stops,
It blows like a fan on high
With no off button.


South Carolina–

Cockroach strolls across the floor

to escape the flood.


His joy is short-lived,

Unfortunately for him,

he has met his match.

— cfblack, 10-08-2016

You have to live in the south to understand the last two.