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End of semester

July 17, 2018
End of semester
3 hours of sleep
all is graded
assignments, essays
and extra credit,
Finals await the morning sun,
They sit in my office
all alone,
Soon they will come
to do their best
the last jokes, laughter,
and second guesses,
Then all disperse
to worlds unknown
while ghosts of their words
No more required
for those who came
to ever meet again.
      cfblack 07-17-2018

Creating final exams

July 16, 2017


Stay out of my way–

I am at work,

the words come slowly,

I take many breaks,

This is MY creative process,

a labor of love,

gathering lessons learned

in a semester of time,

This group will never come again,

they splinter and vanish,

in two more days,

The best result being

more questions than answers,

The answers are supplied with their response,

Their decisions, their analysis,

their actions, their future,

There is no right answer,

it is up to them,

to consider alternatives,

challenge every fact,

Think outside the box,

Re-write the question,

Because we need a better world,

and my time is limited.

Yours is the journey, now,

Your future the new path,

the challenge is the choice,

which way will you walk?

cfblack, 07-16-2017