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Brutal treatment of the Bahai’s in Iran

June 7, 2013

The Baha’i Faith started in Iran in 1844. It came out of Islam the same way Christianity came out of Judaism. It is an independent world religion that believes in the unity of humankind, the elimination of all forms of prejudice, the education and equality of women with men, free education of all children of the world, a balance of the truths of science and religion, and other such uplifting beliefs. One of the Baha’i beliefs is obedience to one’s government. They also do not deny their faith. In Iran, they have been severely persecuted since their beginning there. Since the Baha’i Faith came after Islam, they are considered a heretic religion. The same way Pontius Pilate allowed persecution and crucifixion of Christ, the Baha’is are denied justice in the court system, educational system, marriage and family institution, funeral and burial practices, and any other basic human right allowed other peoples. In the Faith’s beginning, same as the Christians were treated in the time of and immediately after Christ, they were put in prison, tortured and killed in horrible ways. Today it is becoming even worse and more barbaric than a few decades ago. When you deny education to a nation of people, they become more & more barbaric and without a sense of justice and morality. They become worse than animals, subjecting their fellow human beings to barbaric cruelty without remorse. Baha’i students are denied access to colleges just on the basis of their religion. Mothers are being put into prison with their children, and parents put into prison without their children, leaving the children at home stranded, just for saying prayers within their own home. This is the world we live in. We are one world, one human people. I long for the time when peoples of the world will rise up and collectively demand nothing less than a just and peaceful world.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education alone will cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”

“The earth is one country and mankind its citizens.”

“Now is the time to cheer and refresh the downcast through the envigorating breeze of love and fellowship.” — Baha’i Writings.

This is the story of Farzaneh and Rouhi’s brother ( Perth) which happened recently.
“The judge promptly ordered Kashani to be beaten in the courtroom”
     One of the six Baha’is from Gorgan is Kamal Kashani. According to sources in Iran, guards entered his home and confiscated books, computers, CDs, even wall hangings. Two hours later the guards arrested him and took him in for questioning. He has been in prison ever since.
      Kashani’s wife, Parisa, went to the police station everyday asking for his whereabouts. Finally, after 4 days she received a handwritten note from her husband requesting warm clothing. She was finally granted a visit with her husband after one month of his arrest. She was shocked at how much weight he had lost. She recounts that he had been severely beaten and his fingers were so skinny that his wedding ring would no longer stay on his finger.
      Another Baha’i from Gorgan, Farhad Fahandezh, was beaten so badly that he was transferred to Tehran in an ambulance. One Baha’i prisoner remembers an Iranian official telling his torturer that he was permitted to beat Baha’is as much as he wanted, but was not permitted to kill them for fear of international media attention.
     Kashani’s first court appearance was last February, four months after his initial arrest. At this time he had not been officially charged with specific crimes.
     At the court hearing, Kashani’s lawyer explained to the judge that he had not been granted ample time with his client. The judge planned to sentence Kashani and the other Baha’is from Gorgan after 30 minutes. However, the judge agreed to postpone the trial for three months so that the lawyer could prepare a defense.
     Kashani and the other Baha’is from Gorgan had their second and apparently final court date on April 24. The judge spoke to each prisoner for about 10 minutes. He asked Kashani why he was organizing gatherings for the “service of humanity.” Kashani replied that Baha’is are not permitted to organize gatherings in Iran. The judge then asked him if he prayed at home. “Of course,” Kashani said. The judge asked whether he prayed with his family. Again, Kashani replied affirmatively. The judge then explained that these family prayers amounted to illegal Baha’i gatherings.
     The judge promptly ordered Kashani to be beaten in the courtroom. Severely injured, Kashani could hardly stand for the remainder of the hearing.
The judge announced that he would hand down a sentence the following week. However, the ruling was delayed for nearly a month because the judge reportedly went on pilgrimage to Mecca.
     As the imprisoned Gorgan Baha’is were awaiting the judge’s ruling in Gohardasht prison, Kashani’s wife Parisa was arrested in Gorgan on May 8, which meant that her four children were left home alone. Similar arrest warrants were issued for the wives of the other imprisoned Baha’is from Gorgan.
      After a week and a half, authorities in Gorgan finally confirmed to the children that their mother was in custody. On May 20, Parisa was suddenly released after her children paid a steep fee, which prison officials had demanded.
     On May 22, Kashani and most of the other Baha’is from Gorgan were sentenced to five years in prison. This is the second prison sentence for Kashani. He served a five year term after the 1979 revolution. His brother, Jamal Kashani, was also executed by the Islamic Republic in 1984.
     The experience of Kamal Kashani and the other Baha’is from the city of Gorgan is but one example of Iran’s human rights crisis. Iran’s persecution of Baha’is is one of the most “extreme manifestations of religious intolerance and persecution” in the world, according to UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt.
“Where there is love,
nothing is too much trouble,
and there is always time.”


trial of Bahai’s in Iran

January 12, 2010

Today there are 7 adult members of the Baha’i Faith supposedly going on trial in Iran. The Bahai’s are the largest religious minority in Iran. We are the 2nd most global religion, after Christianity, meaning we are establishedas a religious group throughout the world. Iran is the land of our birth. The Faith began there. Because it comes after Muhammed, we are considered “heretics,” though the teachings of the Baha’i Faith preach unity of mankind, unity of religions, one God for all humankind, elimination of prejudices, equality of men and women, and a spiritual solution to the economic problem. The Bahai’s in Iran are the scapegoats for all of Iran’s ills. It is hard for the people of Iran, and now the world, to know who they are because authorities tell deliberate and unfounded lies about them, simply to take attention away from themselves. Think of how the early Christians were treated after the death of Christ. Fed to the lions.

Today, in Iran, these seven harmless souls are being fed to the lions. May they meet the face of their Lord at every turn, in every corner of Evian prison, at every moment of their ridiculous trial.

“Hounds are on the trail of the gazelles of the field of divine unity, and the pheasant in the mountains of heavenly guidance is pursued by the ravens of envy . . . O God Omnipotent, do Thou shield us and be our refuge and, O Lord of Being, show forth Thy might and dominion.”  –Baha’u’llah, Baha’i prayers.

7 Bahai’s imprisoned in Iran: update (and HW#10)

August 21, 2009

lotus6It is almost comical to write about only 7 Bahai’s imprisoned in Iran, when in the past, when the Faith first began in the 1800s, 20,000 were executed by the govt. of Iran, all in the most inhumane ways you can imagine. We know their history because historians, sometimes European historians of that age and time, documented their fates and were appalled at the atrocity of their deaths. Some had holes cut into their chests where lit candles were then placed, as they were paraded through the streets where crowds of people would taunt them as enemies of the State. They were not, of course, but oppressive regimes always see any movements with growing numbers of followers as enemies. Was not Christ welcomed on Palm Sunday and then paraded and taunted with a crown of thorns the next week, crucified while the people laughed and jeered at Him?

These 7 souls are only the latest, and the only difference is this is the 21st century, and these horrific things are still happening. They are not the fault of Muhammed, Who brought Arabia to a new level of tolerance and all forms of science exploded in development with His appearance. The study of algebra and many other advancements were made after Muhammed. The status of women was raised from their being considered  lower than the animal, to the level of having a soul of her own. However, the current regimes have turned away from knowledge and truth, as we see in the current President of Iran denying the Holocaust, aligning himself with the utmost ignorance. He is only interested in maintaining his own power, at the expense of his people. The same for the religious leaders around him. Shame on them.

The trial for the current 7 steadfast individuals, who have now been imprisoned more than a year, has once again been moved. We rec’d this announcement:

“We received word today that the trial of the seven Baha’i prisoners in Iran has once again been delayed. The new trial date is October 18, 2009. More infomation can be found on”

May God bless their daily existence with His loving presence and surround them with His care. We who are on the outside, especially in a land of freedom and individual rights, should teach the love of God and the oneness of mankind as well as religion, equality of men and women and all peoples under one God, as they are unable to do.

I will close with the 10th “Hidden Word” of Baha’u’llah, from the book, “Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah”.

O SON OF UTTERANCE! Thou art My stronghold; enter therein that thou mayest abide in safety. My love is in thee, know it, that thou mayest find Me near unto thee.

7 Baha’is in prison in Iran

August 15, 2009

There are 7 individuals imprisoned in Iran. There crime is being members of the Baha’i Faith. The Baha’i Faith is a worldwide religion that believes in the unification of all the peoples of the world into one universal cause, one common faith. The glorious sun in our sky gives light to the earth, bestowing life upon all creation, along with water and air. For our planet, there is one life-sustaining sun. If you were up at sunrise today, you saw it appear on the horizon and slowly make its way over the edge, gradually climbing into the top of the sky, then descending again. Night comes to give us peace, darkness, and rest. Then the sun rises once again, this time at a slightly different point on the horizon. Is it the same sun? Has the sun changed or moved? No, actually we revolve around it. The beauty of the sun is the same, no matter at what point on the horizon it appears.

The Founder of the Baha’i Faith is known by the name Baha’u’llah, which means the Glory of God. His given name at birth was a Persian name but He was known to all as Father of the Poor, loved and sought out for his kindness to all peoples, long before His involvement as leader of the Baha’i Faith. Bahai’s believe He is the latest in a succession of Holy Messengers from the One God. His life was full of suffering and misery. He was sent to the foulest of prisons in Iran, put in chains, tortured, poisoned, and placed with his family for years in house arrest. He was banished 4 different times, from Iran to Baghdad, to Adrianople, Constantinople, and finally to Akka, the “prison city” in Israel, which is how the world center for the Baha’i Faith today ended up in Israel. It was not due to His wishes, but the result of banishments and mistreatment.

Next Tuesday, the 7 people mentioned at the beginning of this note are scheduled to go on trial. Imagine going on trial for the crimes of teaching children’s virtues classes, teaching them lessons on kindness, tolerance, love for your enemies, obedience to government, and to live chaste and holy lives. Imagine going on trial for the crime of believing in the education of women equally with men. For teaching the love of all humanity under one God, the elimination of prejudices of all kinds, freedom of education for all, the elimination of wealth and poverty. This is what these 7 people are on trial for. The government of Iran says it is for being spies for Israel and propaganda against Islam, and other made-up, totally false charges.

We do not yet know the final fate of these 7 individuals. But in reality, they are only 7 of 7,000 upon thousands upon thousands before and after them, who are unjustly imprisoned and accused of crimes against humanity they did not commit. In reality, their jailers and those who make decisions to imprison them, are commiting the crimes. In reality, the jailers and the ones in power are themselves IMPRISONED by their own egos, lies, prejudices, ignorance and greed. May God forgive them, and may He release those imprisoned from their tests and trials. May He bless them by holding them one and all to His blessed heart, and being their constant Companion forever and ever! May God bless them for all their days.

“My only JOY in this swiftly-passing world was to tread the stony path of God and to endure hard tests and all material griefs. For otherwise, this earthly life would prove barren and vain, and better would be death . . . Thus it is my hope that once again some circumstance will make my cup of anguish to brim over, and that beauteous Love, that Slayer of souls, will dazzle the beholders again. Then will this heart be blissful, this soul be blessed.”  ‘Abdu’l-Baha

“To me prison is freedom, troubles rest me, death is life, and to be despised is honour. Therefore, I was happy all that time in prison. When one is released from the prison of self, that is indeed release, for that is the greater prison. When this release takes place, then one cannot be outwardly imprisoned.”  —  (Abdu’l-Baha, Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 119)