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Late afternoon haiku

May 27, 2017

Sunlight in my eyes,

trying to feel important,

before it leaves me.

cfblack, 5-27-17


Life rhythms

May 17, 2017

Life has a rhythm,

Sun sets on another day,

Morning will follow.

cfblack, 5-17-2017


May 15, 2017

The light is fading,

Locusts sing in unison,

“Our time is coming.”





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Life happens.

February 11, 2017

Four years ago, I did not receive tenure at a place I was teaching. It was totally and completely undeserved. I achieved excellence in all areas of my work there. Students gave me an award for being “all that a woman should be”. I published my dissertation as a book. I also did original interviews with people working on grassroots organization projects to stop the building of a private prison in their communities, and published it as a chapter in a 3-vol. series on privatization of prisons. And I attended a conference in New Orleans and published the article I presented there. I served on committees, including being the coordinator for my department’s accreditation assessments. I oversaw the student-led Psychology-Sociology CLub, attended all their meetings and offered guidance. Lastly, my students won FIRST AND SECOND PLACE at a statewide research conference. To this day I do not know why I didn’t receive tenure because they are not required to tell you. I appealed all the way to the end, to no avail. (What did they know that I don’t know? Did they have some misinformation? Did someone just not like me? Did they not like my religion?) There was no explanation. When I questioned their assessment of me in 3 categories, I was told, “We have no numbers to back it up. That’s just what we decided on, we didn’t want to be restricted by numbers.” (Oh, really? Who gave you the arbitrary power of God? and why am I working here??)  Welcome to the world of Academia. I was advised by colleagues to bring a lawsuit (and later found out others have done that there, and won), but in the end, I decided my emotional state and body couldn’t deal with that, so I went on anti-depressants and moved on. Thank God.

Let me just say, when God closes a window, He sometimes opens a DOOR. I am so happy now in my current position where I effectively use my skills to help students where they need me most. With all this being said, Here is a little haiku for anyone from my former school reading this:


With a promotion,

God has brought me to this place,

also with a raise.

cfblack, 02-11-2017  


January 13, 2017

Orange sun silhouettes,
Morning art at my window,
Comes another day.


  cfblack, 1-13-2017





Crickets haiku

January 11, 2017

Crickets in the South

Alive in January

sing a lonely song.

cfblack, 01-11-2017


Occasionally, we hear one lone cricket alive, outside, in Winter, singing its song.


December 31, 2016

The Darkness gives way,

Orange fingers reach across the night,

Then pink, becomes Light.


cfblack, 12-31-16


highway haiku

December 18, 2016

Driving into Savannah Fri. night, we saw many downed trees that were lying sideways, the tops of them near the highway, as if reaching towards us. They would suddenly appear, whitish-gray trunks of trees against the night, and I wrote this haiku:


Skeletons of trees,

Arms are reaching out to us,

Hurricane remnants.

rain haiku

December 6, 2016

Never ending rain

Put out all the forest fires

Then leave us alone.


cfblack 12-05-2016

Fruitcake haiku

December 4, 2016

He stirs the batter,
Makes fruitcakes with Great-Grandma,
Building memories.


(This Thanksgiving break, Zakiah our grandson helped AL’s mom make her annual fruitcakes she gives out to all the families. She makes chocolate ones, apricot, ones with white and what flour. She is too weak now to make them by herself and use the electric mixer. Zakiah, age 10, did that and built a relationship with her.)