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Samuel M. Agnew, Fulton County, Cincinnati, Ohio, approximately 1778 (maybe b. PA) to sometime after 1850 —

July 23, 2017

Samuel Agnew military records 1814.jpgRecords of men enlisted in US Army, Prior to the Peace establishment, May 17, 1815

(on ancestry)

“Agnew” – Samuel Egnew, 17, Private, US Infantry. Height: 5′ 1 1/2″  OR 5′ 6″

(note: Well, which is it? Were there two of you, one 5’1 1/2. one 5’6″??)

Blue eyes, Light hair, Dark complexion.  (how dark?)

age: 17 OR 22.   (For our relative, age 17 fits.)

where born?  OHIO.

Enlistment: May 20th, 1814, Chillicothe, Ohio. (Chillicothe was the 1st capital of Ohio, is in southern Ohio near Cincinnati, and was the chief settlement for the Shawnee Chala·ka·tha division of the Shawnee nation.)

Time served: 5 years.

Notes on his record. Some are very hard to read. I don’t know what some of the abbreviations mean. These notes are handwritten all together in a few lines, in cursive:

D.R. May 22, 1814. Present. —

D.R. Captain Henry Crittendon, Co., Feb. 16.

D.R. Erie Pennsylvania, Feb.28, 1815, Present, a musician–

M.R. Capt J.T. Chunn’s Co. 3″ —

US Infantry, Fort Knox, Ind.m “Tevy” (can’t read) Dec.31, 1815,

M.R. “et” Aug.31,

SA M.R. Dec.31, 1816,

M.R. ets, Jany (Jan.) 31 & April 30, 1817

absent on furlough at Cincinnati, since April 18 or 19, 1815 (*what??*)

S.A. M.R. June 30th 1817, absent, unknown.

17 US Infantry, was made 3″ after May 17, 1815.

**So, my best guess is, maybe there were 2 Samuel Agnews who joined the Army. The main record seems to follow the one who would’ve been 17 yrs old, which matches our ancestor. He joins in Chillicothe, goes on furlough to Cincinnati and never returns to Army. This also fits our ancestor, who lives in Cincinnati, becomes a postmaster in Fulton in 1836. He had a dark complexion & joined from where a branch of the Shawnee settled. Who knows, maybe he was Shawnee. But this doesn’t show up in my DNA tests.

The initial M. comes from an 1830 census record where a Samuel M. Agnew is in Fulton OH (a part of Cincinnati). That record lists one male age 40-50 (fits him), 2 males ages 20-30 (William & James?), and also 2 females ages 15-20. No names given except head of household.


Samuel M. Agnew not the doctor

June 26, 2017

My most distant relative found so far is Samuel M. Agnew who is sitting in the living room of James Agnew (b.1808 supposedly in PA and d. 1880 Ohio) in 1850 and is on the census that way. I have been researching these folks for about 6 years now, and haven’t gotten past them. There is another **famous** Dr. Samuel Agnew, of the “Book of the Agnews” line, who was born approximately the SAME year as OUR Samuel Agnew, 1778. However, the famous Dr. Samuel Agnew dies in 1849, so they are not the same.

No one else is EVER researching our Samuel M. Agnew of Cincinnati Ohio. No other family trees contain him, nothing. I just realized or concluded tonight that this has to mean SOMETHING. It means that either they invented themselves as Agnews in Cincinnati and they are really someone else, so there are no previous records; OR, Samuel must have immigrated (from Ireland perhaps, according to the DNA folks on FamilyTreeDNA). Something is weird. There is some reason they do not exist previous to this.

There is quite a bit of random information about Samuel in Cincinnati. For example, he is postmaster of Fulton I believe in 1936. There may be two different Samuel Agnews in the Cincinnati area because some of the info. doesn’t seem to match (go figure). There is also a Samuel Agnew who arrives in the states in 1823 but from England. The listing on ancestry is not the original & there is not enough information transcribed. I need to find the original book.

If I never resolve this mystery, I leave it to MY descendants to resolve it. I plan to figure it out but if I am unable, I hope that someone else does. There is an elaborate and detailed ancestry “tree” that y’all can work on in your spare time! The Agnew tree. I sure will be happy if I ever solve this frustrating mystery.

Scotch-Irish Agnews

May 30, 2017

According to those running a DNA test for my surname, my brother’s DNA test showed a haplogroup that tends to be Scotch-Irish, meaning, a group that originated in Scotland but immigrated to Ulster, Ireland, and then at some point to the U.S.:

ScotchIrish or ScotsIrish may refer to: The Ulster Scots people, an ethnic group in Ulster, Ireland, who trace their roots to settlers from Scotland. ScotchIrish Americans, descendants of Ulster Scots who first migrated to America in large numbers in the 18th and 19th centuries.”

The only large Scotch-Irish groups in the U.S. tend to be in the Northwest and the Southeast! Not Midwest. Also, our closest relative is descended from a man named Elijah Horn in SC. Their contact info is not posted. The reason this is all so ironic is that we moved to SC 9 years ago, for a teaching job, and no relatives whatsoever living here.

Scotch-Irish in U.S.  (Scotch-Irish info & map from Wikipedia.)


Rowland Owen from Machynlleth, Wales

April 1, 2017
One of my family lines goes back from my Dad’s mom, Grm. Mary Reid Agnew, to her great-grandmother, Sarah Sallie Owens. Then the Owen line goes WAAAY back to Rowland Owen b. in the 1500s in WALES. So that line is originally from Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
When they immigrated to the colonies very early in the 1600s, they went to PA, where Harry Thomas Owen became a Quaker. & then to North Carolina. Wilkes County NC, up near Virginia. Various Owen(s) people linked to our line gradually move to Kentucky & then southern INDIANA. 

Samuel Agnew

January 18, 2017

just posting this not to lose it, for now


Samuel Agnew on someone else’s tree, 1802-1865 from Abbeville. My Samuel lived about the same time period, but probably not the same person. Theirs had 1 son, John, & a wife named Margaret. Mine was for some reason in Ohio in 1850 visiting James, & supposedly had a wife named Mary.

The Engbringhofs from Het Bildt, Friesland

January 16, 2017

My grandmother’s parents were Martin and Trena Brink. Those were their American names. They were born in an area of Holland in the north, on the coast, called Het Bildt, within a larger area called “Friesland”. Within Het Bildt, there are 2 parrishes, St. Anna and St. Jacob. Martin was born in St. Jacob parrish, Trena in St. Anna.

Now, the interesting thing is language. There is Dutch, the national language. Then there is West Frisian, which has some Latin roots, Latin letters, and is spoken in Friesland. But “Het Bildt” has its OWN dialect called “Bildts” which mixes both Dutch and West Frisian. My ancestors probably spoke Bildts and Dutch, or all 3, who knows.

In Holland, they were Marten Engbrinhof and Trijntje van Shepen. Trijntje’s parents were Hendrik van Schepen, and Froukje Koov. Just learned that tonight. Marten and Trijntje immigrated to America. They ended up having 5 daughters. My grandma Cena was the youngest of the 5. They went to Chicago, as many of the Dutch did, then came down to the Lafayette, Indiana area, which is where Cena was born. She and my Grandpa George Plantenga lived there their whole lives, raised their kids, one being my mom, and I was born and lived most of my life there also.

Those Dutch names

January 9, 2017
Ugh. Family history, the Dutch. I can only do a little of this at a time.
OK, parents of MARTIN BRINK (my great-grandfather), father of CENA (my grandma, married George Plantenga)…. I am now going back into the Dutch records, and I can see them IN DUTCH, which is really interesting.
Martin Brink’s parents were: Marten Martens Engbrenghof (father) and Feikje Dirks Koopma (mother).
The last name Engbrenghof became “BRINK” in America (when Martin “Brink” –son of Marten & Feikje — arrived). Martin and his wife TRIJNTJE (later Trena) had 5 girls, the youngest being grandma Cena.
The name Feikje— Martin and “Trena” name their first daughter Feikje, which becomes “Fannie” in America. I remember Great Aunt Fannie very well (oldest sister of my grandma Cena). I remember a kind, old Dutch woman with bowed legs, white hair always pulled back into a bun, and black dresses, with black stockings.
my mother Martha Marion Plantenga
her mother, Cena Brink (who married my grandfather George Plantenga)
Martin Brink and Trena, Cena’s parents
Marten Martens Engbrenghof and Feikje Dirks Koopma (Martin’s parents)
Martin immigrated from Holland in 1882.

Grandma Mary Reid Agnew

January 7, 2017
Working on simple ancestry “hints”. Learned my dad was born at 2am. 🙂 My Grandma Mary Agnew, his mother, died of cardiac arrest in her sleep in a nursing home near Ft. Wayne (Angola) IN Oct.18th 1976. I was just barely, barely pregnant for our firstborn. But I remember that I knew I was pregnant when Grandma Mary died. Personal story: Day before she died she was heard laughing and talking in her room. People asked her, “Who are you talking to Mary?” She said, “Oh, I’m talkin to my friends. I’m going home tomorrow.”
Grandma Mary was a complex character. She adored little babies. Loved taking care of them. She loved taking us with her to go shopping, having us visit. I have memories of riding with her on a train. At the same time, we dreaded when she would be our sole caregiver! She was one BOSSY woman! She washed out my sister’s mouth with soap at least once, I remember. She would make us come inside for the night so early, like 4:00 in the afternoon. She would get mad at my mom (or anyone) and leave our house angry and go back to her home, even if it meant traveling on a train rather than having our dad drive her back home. She was independent and head strong! But when I was little, she worked as a cafeteria worker in Purdue cafeteria, and every night as she got off work, she would get on a public, city bus and come to our house for dinner. She adored my father, her firstborn, and it broke her heart terribly when he died before her.
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James A. Agnew family

January 2, 2017

Looking at the family of my great-grandfather James A. Agnew in New Albany IN.

James A., the patriarch, died at age 65 from falling off a ladder.
Carrie, his wife, died in a mental institution at age 56.
James A. & Carrie Bybee had 6 kids. One died the same year he was born, probably at birth:
William Robert (1880-1943)
James Garfield (1882 b & d) — lived 6 months.
Frederick Louis (1883-1951)  —  Died of electrocution while working as a painter.
Alfred Edward (1886-1948)
John Wesley & Gertrude Myrtle Celeste (1892 b. twins)
— John W. is my Grandpa. (1892-1952)
— Gertrude (1892 – 1935)
Of their 6 kids, their death ages are:  63, 0, 68, 62, 60, 43.  
Of their kids, here’s how many kids they each had:

William R. — 1 child, James Francis.
Fred Louis – 1 child, Irene.
Alfred Edward — 3 kids, Chester (lived 4 yrs.), Casper (d. in WWII), Edward.
John Wesley — 2 kids, my Aunt Margaret Ruth, & my Dad.
Gertrude Myrtle — 5 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys. NORMA was the youngest. When her mother Gertrude Myrtle died at age 43, Norma was 7. My Grandma Mary & Grp. John W. adopted her into their family to raise her. When Norma wanted to marry (and did marry) a British man, my Grandma stopped speaking to her for the rest of her life.

Samuel, James and William Agnew in Ohio

August 15, 2016

Did research using city directories tonight, need to write out some of this stuff.

Samuel Agnew is the elder. His two sons, William b.1806, and James b.1808. James is my GGGrandfather. Samuel first appears in the Cincinnati directory in 1831. According to the 1850 census where he is listed with James & family, he was born 1778 (this may be incorrect).

Samuel M. Agnew is listed as a shoemaker quite a few times, a tailor, was made postmaster of Fulton, a part of Cincinnati, in 1836; and lastly, a bartender in 1855, which is the last time he shows up in the city directory. Probably he died sometime shortly after that, but no burial spot or obituary has been found to date.

William is a carpenter, blacksmith, has a coffee business, and his most stable job seems to be “hatter”.

James is most of his life a “joiner” which is a specialty finishing type of carpentry, probably in his case for ships. They live on Front St., which is ON the riverfront on the Ohio river. James has a number of children with Mary Ann Freeman who he marries in 1848. My grandfather was his son James, b.1841. Still haven’t figured out who is mother was, or if by chance he was adopted (?).

James is also listed as carpenter, and lastly “conductor”in 1866, perhaps for a railroad. There is also a “David Agnew” who is around later, and at one point in 1869 is a clerk for the O&M RR, I don’t know if he could be a child of William.

James & Mary’s children were: Alfred b.1851, then Mary, Lizzie, Florence, Herman, Sarah “Sallie”. They adopt a Helen, but she is actually the daughter of James, the first son of James, also my GGrandfather.

In the city directories, the only Agnews showing all the time are Samuel, William and James, so I think they are family, & census records point to this also.