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going to the doctor

August 9, 2011

I am going to the doctor today. Nothing is wrong, at least that I know of. It’s just that I am approaching my 58th birthday and I never go to a doctor— like ever. I figure it’s the responsible thing to do.

Having never been to a doctor except for less than a handful of times since I had my kids (yes, really), I have a certain great amount of trepidation about going! I don’t like doctors, have never liked hospitals, but I realize a lot of this is irrational fear. At my age and with the history just mentioned, I refuse to see a male doctor for a gynecological exam. It just is not within my being to do so, to have some random strange man looking at my body parts. I know this is also based on irrational worries, but I don’t care. The point is to get myself into a doctor’s examination room and have a check-up.

I am going in this morning only for them to draw blood. The appt. is actually next week. And it’s taking me forever to take a shower and get going.

My last 2 kids were actually home births, as in “in our home”. I definitely saw a doctor all through the pregnancy, who knew of our plans, and also a lay midwife. Everything looked 100% and all turned out well. I just don’t like hospitals. They are impersonal, bureaucratic, and we know today that infections are rampant in them. You have to tell every shift of nurses┬áthe same things you told the last shift of nurses, they wake you every few hours, you hear noises and can’t sleep in hospitals. At any rate, at my age I want things checked out, see how I’m doing, check the heart, check the sugar levels, etc. There is zero incidence of cancer in my family. I know of none. No diabetes either. However, there certainly is heart disease. I’m getting to the age where arteries could be blocked & it’s just time to check things out.

I walk 3 miles a day, take an occasional swim, do not crave sweets, feel pretty good. I’m starting to have a few aches & pains out of nowhere but nothing major.