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July 24, 2017

I am going to post some dreams, just for interest, & to see the commonalities in my dreams. If you stop and think before you are fully awake, usually you can remember the dream you were just in. For me, the meaning of the dream is emotion, how I’m feeling in the dream. Also who I’m with. Probably 90% of my dreams, I am with children.

When I awoke, I was dreaming I was with a bunch of children & we were in a desert, running to safety, running, running, with danger always nearby. There were these giant worm-like creatures, kind of like in DUNE but above the ground & they moved slowly so we could pretty easily get away from them. Small groups of children kept trying to play in these desolate areas, the danger being it was not a safe area. 7/24/2017


dream of 7/24 night: I awoke to an alarm so couldn’t remember much. The only thing I remember is that I was going to have some sort of race, a car race, with my “2 sisters”. (I only have one sister.) We were going to race our cars, and my mother — who WAS my mother in the dream — disapproved. She was afraid police would catch us. I was aware of my father in the dream also. (When I was growing up, they were together, a team, a couple, my parents). At one point we were in the gravel driveway and backyard of the house I remember most as a child, on So. 11th St. My mood in the dream was a little afraid, and laughing about the race and my mom’s opinion.


night of 8/2: ┬áLots of snow. Everywhere. The world I was in was in danger, and cold. My grandson Raven was prominent in this dream. I was trying to keep the family together. They were somewhat scattered in various places of safety but not all together. If they went outside into this world, outside sheltered buildings, they were in danger. I was not in great fear for them, but aware that the danger was always out there. At some point, I was riding buses near an old part of Lafayette, Market Square (probably because there is an image of that place burned into my brain with huge masses of snow drifts. They always plowed that parking lot and left mountains of snow that turned into blocks of ice over time.) Raven was with me in this dream but I don’t remember him doing anything specific, it’s just that no one else in the dream was defined as to who they were. There were lots of other people around us in the dream, in the buildings, the safe places, which were always rather dark, but safe. Kind of sci-fi-ish. I don’t remember anything in color in this dream.

A different dream shortly before I woke up was I was in a house/building with about 2 other students and one instructor, a female. I was cramming very focused for a test. Super intensely studying just before the test. I was doing really well going through the material. The instructor saw me cramming, made a point of how cramming was bad (kind of sarcastically laughing at me) at which point I lost my focus, gathered all my papers and went upstairs to get away from her. Upstairs was not my favorite place to study but if I had stayed downstairs near her I would have lost my ability to study and bombed the test.

— My dreams are usually with a lot of people in them. I think oftentimes there is danger just around the corner.–


dreamed of playing golf

February 2, 2010

Last night I dreamed of playing golf. Actually, I wasn’t playing. I was in the group. The group was all men except for me. In the group, was my dad, and Levin, and approximately 6-8 other men, I’m not sure who they were. It feels significant that it was Levin and my dad who stood out to me, and I have no idea what the connection is.

It is significant to me because I always wanted to go with my dad to play golf. He promised to take me when I was 17. He died when I turned 16. (Really, playing golf does not appeal to me, it was just a special thing to do with my dad because it took so much time and was a “grown-up” thing to do.)

This dream puzzles me.