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October 1, 2011

Tomorrow I will do one of my favorite things. Work with children. In another life, this is my true calling. I connect well with children, feel their hearts and spirit. They are purer spirits. They have their fears and imperfections that need developed, but don’t we all. We will write poetry, paint pictures and blow bubbles, while the adults in the other large room act serious, talk and discuss. We will play charades, acting out different animals and learning about the kingdoms of God, from mineral, to plant, to animal, human and Divine. We will make pictures of flower gardens behind a gate that will open for all to see. We will play games. The adults will consult and vote for someone to represent them at their next National Convention. They will feel gratitude and sympathy for those behind the other doors who are caring for their children during their morning and afternoon sessions. What they don’t know is, that is THE BEST of all places to be. With their children.



November 15, 2010

Figured budget, paid bills, payday tomorrow, bought groceries, decided we don’t have the money to go home to Indiana for both Thanksgiving and Xmas. I am very bummed about it. This is the longest we’ve been away from Raven & Caspian, probably ever. It is really difficult not to see them. And they think we are coming. They will have to wait until December. But one main goal for us now is to make our budget work. We have to. And that is a primary responsibility we need to fufill, for ourselves but also for our kids.

We are planning to have a meal w/ the family in Raleigh, which is WONDERFUL, it’s just that we’ve never missed a Thanksgiving “back home”.

Went back to the diabetic cookbook tonight. Neither of us are diabetic but it’s a good diet. made “Hungarian chicken paprikash” which is a fancy name for chicken & noodles with paprika.

My son may take a job in northern North Dakota. Right now their HIGHS are in the 30s and lows in the 9s…. like 9 degrees. They are having light snow every day this week. I would’ve said, “Nope, not that one!” but he wants a job. He will feel really good if he secures this job in his field of journalism. He will write for their local paper and cover all high school sports, for some random middle-to-small size city about an hour from the Canadian border.

I think I have mild depression due to menopause. Not that I’m depressed about MENOPAUSE — I waited for it long enough! But it just goes with the territory. There is no rhyme or reason to it, I’ve just been noticing “it just is”. It’s hard to explain to someone who does not experience such things, like a husband maybe. It may be the highest show of my character to go forward every day, while feeling this way. It is mild, after all, but something that such an outsider may feel “shouldn’t be there” or “should be overcome”. I am different, I like to feel what’s there, embrace it and observe it. But I’m thinking of getting some mild meds, for the 1st time in my life.

Still trying to think of some majorly fun thing to do in class tomorrow….! haven’t hit on anything yet….. Heaven forbid, the last full week of class could be B-O-R-I-N-G…! Aaaah, what a tragedy. Will they survive it?

My children’s class at Grant Homes this week will be about “cleanliness” and I think we’ll try to make soap! Sounds like an adventure. I need to find a little story or children’s book about cleanliness. I’m thinking of bringing a blow-up picture of some lovely germs.

*peace out*

Grant Homes children’s class

November 11, 2010

I did my children’s class at Grant Homes today, a weekly 1/2 hour to 45 mins. virtues class. At this point, we have done:







Today’s word was unity. All the others they have recognized. Unity they drew a total blank! This surprised ME, so we spent a little time talking about what it was. Does it mean we are all the same? (Yeess….–looking at me doubtfully—NOooooo)

I am getting to know the kids, still do not know all of their names. They are all African American. Craig and Elijah are brothers. Taherah and Taleyah are twin sisters. There is Dynasty, Lulu ( aboy’s nick name), others I cannot remember right now. Today they were doing homework when I arrived, so we took the ones done w/ homework out into the gym. I tried to get them to draw pictures for the main words in “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”

powerful: they drew a tornado, a storm,

light: the sun, lightning

unity: we decided on a capital “U”

That’s about as far as we got. I am continually taken aback by their lack of attention span. It is NOT THE SIZE OF A GNAT!! The term “Learning Disabilities” is the understatement of the century!! My God, I will say one sentence and they all start talking. It takes continual effort. The black women there are good at controlling them. One glance, one harsh word & the kids quiet down. It’s a threat, a power play, I am not good at. I do not let the kids run over me though, They are respectful to me. I will not tolerate disrespect. But it’s a continual battle for their attention.

We tried a couple of games. They were okay but didn’t work too well. One is a cooperative game where you stand in a circle, pass around a (garden glove), each person giving it to someone who has not had it yet. Then you do it again & they have to do it ALWAYS to the SAME person they did before. Then you put 2 gloves in play, then 3…… so it gets very hectic. You have to remember who gave it to you and who you always give it to. We started the game, the boys started throwing the glove in the air, then smelling it, “This is FRESH!” then someone has to go to the bathroom, then whatever.

I need to look up the Book 3A & do some games where they practice being in a pretend box, then jumping outside it, then back in, etc., so they BEGIN to learn a FRACTION of body control!

The thing they LOVE and always appreciate, is coloring. I don’t need to bring fancy markers or glitter glue, just simple crayons. They are always excited. They get 2 crayons each, then they can bring me one back to trade for a new color. Once in awhile, I let them take their 2 crayons home. They are so impressed. They are always eager to open the treasure box, see what the virtue is for the day, eager to read the quote, even most of the time to hear the story. Today we talked about Unity of Human Beings, and read a story on “Come Home With Me”, about houses and homes of different types around the world. Maybe a little bit sinks in. Maybe they learn something, who knows.