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The 200-year-anniversary of the birth of Baha’u’llah

October 14, 2017

Baha’u’llah is my Champion,

my Hero, my Adored One,

Baha’u’llah is my Inspiration,

my Holy One,

my Loved One.


The Kindest Person to walk the Earth,

the One most Wronged by all of us,

He who brought teachings to unite mankind,

to solve problems of the world,


the One most loved by all Who knew Him,

the One rejected by leaders and Kings,

He Who suffered in Tehran’s dungeons

meant for killers and thieves,


Called the Father of the Poor,

Inheritor of wealth He gave away,

for bringing teachings to heal our souls

He received a galling chain,


Forgive our weakness and frailties,

our not doing enough in Your Name,

Know that always, my heart follows You

and could never turn away,


“He doeth what He willeth,

what recourse have we?”

We offer little in return,

We call to Thee continually,

the flame is lit and burns,


O Holy One, Who suffered here,

accept our love, we pray,

You come but once in a thousand years,

God’s message for this Day,


You promised to return “as a thief in the night”,

before the world knew You were here,

The Sun returns every morning the same,

though it moves a bit on the Horizon,


Your presence left us forever changed,

Your Message for all to see

is left for each soul to judge its worth,

and some whose hearts leap toward Thee.

cfblack  10-14-17


In the Garden of Ridvan

December 1, 2016

I don’t know why, this poem came to me tonight. To understand it, you have to know the story of Baha’u’llah, Founder of the Baha’i Faith, who spent 12 days in a garden before being banished from his native land, for teaching principles such as unity of God, His religions, unity of humankind, equality of men and women, education of all children, spiritual solution to economic inequality, agreement of science and religion.

In the Garden of Ridvan

I stand outside,

The breeze blows around me,

the tent gently flaps in the wind,

I look down at the ground, wonder why I’m here,

My heart sinks,

I am unworthy.

The glory of His presence

fills the air with a joy,

a perfume sweet as honeysuckle,

The birds know, and respond with melodies,

This is the Day of God.

And I know, this moment,

This is the time

that poets and Prophets longed to see,

This is the New Jerusalem,

This is the Dawn of Wisdom,

And I stand, in complete and utter awe,

My heart is lit aflame,

My spirit thankful to be this near,

And then He calls my name.


cfblack, 12-01-2016

The time of Ridvan in the Baha’i calendar is April 21 – May 2nd.

Thou art My stronghold

December 5, 2013

O Son of Being!

My love is My stronghold.

He that entereth therein is safe and secure, and he that turneth away

shall surely stray and perish. cropped-lotus.jpg


O Son of Being!

Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee.

Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me.

For I have created thee rich

and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee.

— Baha’u’llah, The Hidden Words, Baha’i writings.


Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity

November 30, 2013

“Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity. Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face. Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer of the cry of the needy, a preserver of the sanctity of thy pledge. Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech. Be unjust to no man, and show all meekness to all men. Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression. Let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts. Be a home for the stranger, a balm to the suffering, a tower of strength for the fugitive. Be eyes to the blind, and a guiding light unto the feet of the erring. Be an ornament to the countenance of truth, a crown to the brow of fidelity, a pillar of the temple of righteousness, a breath of life to the body of mankind, an ensign of the hosts of justice, a luminary above the horizon of virtue, a dew to the soil of the human heart, an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a shining light in the firmament of thy generation, a fruit upon the tree of humility.”

―     Bahá’u’lláh


Bahai jokes during the fast

March 19, 2011

Next-to-last day of the Baha’i fast. I was just thinking how we like to sometimes joke about it. You can’t do that w/people not fasting. For one thing, they think we’re dying. We’re not. It’s actually healthy to fast. If you do not have some pre-existing medical condition (in which case u are obliged not to fast), it is perfectly healthy. Just darn uncomfortable. We get tired. You can’t go your usual rate of 100 mph. You really must slow down. We take naps when possible. But we get through it.

sometimes we send each other e-mails, “Boy I sure would like a frosted donut right about now!” — “Hey, I was just thinking how good such&so tastes for lunch!”

We talk about how we feel, what our bodies are doing. “I am so tired, I feel like I’m getting sick. My hands are cold.” We feel sorry for ourselves. We’re really not the most FUN people to be around during our fast.

Many of us never cheat. We do not eat or drink a drop from sun-up to sundown. Others of us cheat. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t make it. Sometimes we are super-stressed. The rest of the world doesn’t give a hoot if this is the month of Baha’i Faith fast, so life at our jobs continues at its same pace. This makes it difficult, if not impossible sometimes, not to cheat. You can’t let your students suffer, or your clients, and you can’t mess up at work because you’re fasting. My daughter drives a fork lift. You can’t be foggy-minded while driving a forklift. So she continues w/ caffeine. If I teach a night class, I eat BEFORE sundown. Things like that. Sometimes I have one cup of coffee, mid-morning, before teaching. My class will be better. We don’t get struck by lightning or think we will “go to hell” when this happens.

We also joke about not being able to think straight. Fasting does take its effect. We know this and we accomodate to it. You are not at your absolute best! It is supposed to be difficult, an exercise in sacrifice, an exercise in self discipline. It is never easy.

Some people get a cold (sneeze or cough) and say, “Oh wow, I’m sick, I’d better not fast today!” Then they take a couple days off.

If you travel at least 9 hours, you are not obligated to fast from the time you leave on the trip, to the time you return home. There is a wisdom to the Baha’i fast, we do not put ourselves in danger while driving or traveling! Baha’u’llah was very wise. So, many times Bahai’s take a day trip. When we lived in Indiana we’d take the 2-hour drive to Chicago, mess around in the city for the day, go see the Baha’i temple (which is the only one in North America), and then return home, making sure we take at least 9 hours, in which case, we would go out to lunch, or have snacks and coffee on the road! We are a funny lot.

This time of year makes me feel close to all my Baha’i companions all the way around the globe. In every continent, same time of year, all the Baha’is, if they are between ages 15-70, not pregnant, sick or have some other physical condition that would mean they should never fast, ARE ALL FASTING. For MOST of us, this time of year puts us all on MORE equal footing, for sunrise to sundown times, than if it were in the summer or winter months. For most of the world, the day runs about 12 hours, more or less a few minutes. We know the days are getting longer this time of year, because every single day of the fast, it extends 1-2 minutes. the Muslim fast, for example, changes what time of year it occurs, every year. For us, it’s always March 2nd — 20th.

and we all celebrate the Baha’i new year on March 21st, the first day of Spring, and the Spring equinox.

I’ve been cleaning my house all day today, in preparation for my daughter & her family coming tonight for a couple days. It is a special time of year, when I enjoy the company of others who are also fasting, also Bahai’s.

16th day of the fast

March 17, 2011

3 days left of the Baha’i fast, which will complete 19 days or 1 Baha’i month. 19 months of 19 days each, with 4-5 days leftover which are the days we give gifts and do service in our communities, and visit friends (that is already past, the end of Feb.). Mar. 21st will be our “New Year” also the 1st day of Spring.

The Baha’i Faith is a worldwide, global religion that believes in the oneness of mankind, and the unity of all the beliefs in the world into one common faith. There is one God, one Creator. It is a lovely faith that respects the spiritual basis and validity of all the world’s major religions.

I am tired tonight and going to bed soon. There are 3 more days to be hungry during the day, to sacrifice something for my Lord. It is not that much to give, really. It unites all the Bahai’s around the world also. It is a special time of year. We are always glad to see it end, but also a little sad.

Of the days of the fast, Baha’u’llah says, “Thou hast endowed every hour of these days with a special virtue, inscrutable to all except Thee, Whose knowledge embraceth all created things.

Thou hast, also, assigned unto every soul a portion of this virtue in accordance with the Tablet of Thy decree and the Scriptures of Thine irrevocable judgment.

Every leaf of these Books and Scriptures Thou hast, moreover, allotted to each one of the peoples and kindreds of the earth.

 (Baha’u’llah, Prayers and Meditations by Baha’u’llah, p. 143)

Mar.13, one week to go

March 13, 2011

One more week of the Baha’i fast where we do not eat or drink from sunrise to sundown. That being said, Daylight Savings time doesn’t do a THING for us!! We now wait until 7:30pm to eat dinner.  🙂  Any kind of food sounds good by that time. You don’t care what it is.

I think of the people of northern Japan, who have left their homes which were either destroyed, pulverized by the tsunami or are threatened now by a nuclear reactor meltdown, and they have no power. Japan, one of the most advanced, high-tech societies of the world, with a people-per-sq-mile of something like 900, now has hundreds and thousands of people wandering south, looking for shelter, food and water. There have to be ten thousand personal stories, stories of human giving and generosity, as well as human suffering, but all we see on the news is the same old boring reports. I would like some human stories, personal stories. They also edit the tsunami videos. If you watch, just about when the wave is going to reach a road which still has people on it, it shuts off. They are edited. Makes you wonder what it’s really like out there.

Ghadafi and Libya have disappeared from CNN. You can bet he’s getting ready to strike, or he is already. The world cannot move forward toward unity until ALL the world is free of oppression and dictators who don’t care who they kill as long as they retain power. Only after they achieve democracy will the stories of the WOMEN of the world come out! They will never be free until the men are first freed of the dictators. Then the women will demand their own freedom.

Today I added the last of the photos of gravesites I had taken over spring break. Perhaps someone, sometime, will decide to look for their loved one’s gravesite photo, type in their name and birth or death dates, and up will pop my photo. That is my hope. It all takes time, time to drive to the cemetaries, photograph the stones taking care to get all the information, and then LOTS of time to add them into the website and post the photo.

Yesterday morning I spent about 2 hours, by mistake adding photos to the wrong cemetary. I just thank God I discovered what I did, so I could then delete them all. I would have transfered them easily to the correct cemetary, but when I checked, someone else had already added most of them. There were only a couple that had not already been added. That was a lesson learned.

Yesterday I restarted my 2-mi. daily walk, so it’s time to hit the pavement again right now. Bright and sunny and 74 degrees, how can I complain?

earthquake and tsunami, 11th day of the fast

March 12, 2011

I was going to write every day but it’s too hard.

In the news today is the largest earthquake since 1900, I think they said, off the coast of Japan, which sent a new tsunami across the Pacific. The latest is that they have a number of nuclear power plants with the danger of melting down. IS THIS FOR REAL, have we really created such a world??

What amazes me is the catastrophe all happened with no notice, just a few hours’ time & they were evacuating places. Most people could not escape. Like the people ages ago caught in the volcanic eruption — their silhouettes preserved for centuries to come — the tsunami wave rolled inland for 6 miles, carrying boats, collapsed  buildings, cars, untold hundreds of bodies, human beings, lives that caved in when their buildings did . . .

and the nuclear power that was so indispensable STOPPED as well, when they had to turn off the power and evacuate them. But some of them won’t cool down. I think of babies– deformed– from the megabomb we let fall on HIroshima — Nagasaki — Chernoble and lessons supposedly learned. But we never learn. We recreate the past. We want our comforts and pleasant lives.

We sit in awe of nature’s power to wreak havoc on us at any time.

March 9th, 8th day of the fast

March 9, 2011

In the last hour of the 8th day of the fast. 11 more days to go.

My hands go cold at this hour. They are like ice. Of course, the pouring down rain of the afternoon doesn’t help either. Couldn’t quite get myself into “work mode” yet today, so I took a few hours to find 2 gravesites for 2 different people, one in C. and one near D. Island. This is my new hobby. I am a contributor to other people’s family history searches, hoping that someday, this valiant effort on my part (catch the humor here) will be rewarded in solving the mystery of my great-grandfather James Agnew. I am resigned to the fact that this may never happen, and if it does it will be after much tedious effort on my part with little reward. I am at the end of the easy search part. The rest, if there is anything out there to find, will not come easy. The few remaining survivors on my Agnew side do not answer my calls or letters. It is a family doomed with some secret curse of unrelenting antagonism that never goes away. So, I find a relative’s address and even their phone number, but they don’t answer my letters, and do not take my calls. If they really are out there, they are either too old to remember who I am, too young to know who I am, or they just don’t care.

Spent a couple days in Charleston which was a fun little break w/ my husband. We found time for a walk on the ocean, 1 museum, 1 poetry venue, the only tea plantation in North America, and a 300-400-yr-old live oak tree that sprawled all over a small park. It was a good time and a good getaway.

I wanted to write a poem for my husband’s poetry night tonight, just for fun, not polished, just spew something out. Here it is:

Life at 57

I would like to write a brief synopsis

of life at 57.

Last night, I heard a woman read,

Her poems full of small children

 and the wonders of playing with a 2-yr-old,

watching her children take their first steps,

wondering who they will be when they grow up,

She called home

As soon as she finished reading,

To see how they were doing,

A few brief hours without her,

Were they still alive??

— Oh, okay, GOOD, fine,

She left soon after,

And I wanted to tell her,

She could have sold more books

If she had stayed,

MY children are all grown up,

Two happily married,

One never married,

One now twice divorced,

Four children

in four different states,

My husband and I in yet another,

Come together for vacation once a year,

Post pictures and statuses

On Facebook,

Four grandchildren –3 boys, and a girl,

Decorate our office walls,

And I   – I have made it

To each and every birth so far,

One time traveling by greyhound bus,

Which is all we could afford,

My intuition telling me not to wait,

I left a day early,

Received the call at 2am,

Her water broke,

She was in labor,

I arrived, my daughter kneeling by the bed,

Her moaning telling me there was not much time,

We barely made it to the Birthing Center,

Four years later, I held that one in my arms

When baby sister arrived –

I have outlived the age of my father’s death

By 7 years, so far,

I have buried my mother, my older brother,

A woman in her 50s has a certain perspective

on death – and life,

She perhaps picked up some wisdom along the way,

You don’t care to PLEASE so much anymore,

You don’t always feel the need to smile,

There is not as much DEMAND to look your best,

Men don’t honk, or proposition you,

when you go walking,

Life slows down,

You notice a flower blooming,

A walk by the pond will make your day,

You develop an appreciation

For an evening with friends,

THIS evening –right now– is as important as any other,

And NOTHING, anymore, surprises you.

You know that no matter WHAT you do,

Some people just plain WON’T LIKE YOU,

There is nothing you can do about it,

And it doesn’t even matter.

Life is not about that.

It is more about moments – and your response to them,

And it is very, very sweet.                  …. To be continued….  3/09/2011       Carol F. Black

that all nations should become one in faith

March 6, 2011

Tonight I think of all those living under severe oppression, and the hypocracy of us going into Iraq to “free the people” and undo the Saddam Hussein regime, but not lifting a finger for the people in Libya and elsewhere who obviously live under a maniac and severe oppression and fear.

And I think of the dear friends, the dear souls who went into prison in Iran just for believing in the oneness of mankind. The Bahai’s of Iran who live under severe oppression for believing in their faith, who are upright citizens of their countries, have a faith that tells them to obey their governments, who have the audacity to promote the equality of women and men and education for all, and who are tainted with a mockery of justice that calls them criminals. Please God, if Ye wish, free them from this horrible situation. Let their faith be proclaimed throughout the world so all can see the world-embracing upliftment it brings to the entire world.

“We desire but the good of the world and the happiness of the nations; yet they deem us a stirrer-up of strife and sedition worthy of bondage and banishment…. That all nations should become one in faith and all men as brothers; that the bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened; that diversity of religion should cease, and differences of race be annulled — what harm is there in this? . . . Yet so it shall be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the ‘Most Great Peace’ shall come….”  –Baha’u’llah as quoted to Edward Granville Browne, historian.