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no TV

May 22, 2014

We’ve been without TV for 2 months, since we moved. It’s amazing, no CNN & I’ve survived. I kind of know what’s going on in the world because I listen to radio when I’m in the car, but not as much as before. It’s more peaceful. I don’t hear the flippant, 30-second news reports that cover the same stories OVER & OVER & over.

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10 minutes of tv2

June 28, 2011

Greece is rioting. NY Stocks are down a bit from Greece rioting. Someone explain this to me.

Casey Anthony is a habitual liar. So is her mom. This family is so messed up & it ended in death for an innocent little girl. Someone tell the TRUTH! It is obvious no one has any sense of moral shame in this group; if the DEATH of a 2-yr-old doesn’t bring it out, nothing will. Tell the dang truth and put her soul at rest. (not happening)

Floods threaten 2 nuclear power plants in NEBRASKA, and fires threaten Los Alamos facility where plutonuim is in storage (for what, a billion years?).

10 minutes of TV

June 25, 2011

This is a new category, where I turn on the tv for 10 minutes and then write a blog about what I saw, no matter what it was.

Lexus commercial, sleek, silver Lexus, driven by a man. He is the only person in the car. The ad emphasizes his hands on the steering wheel, turning the car this way and that. Man is a white, young professional, well dressed, hair style that takes some styling & management (sticking up in the middle due to some sort of mousse or gel). Message: Man is in control, driving the car where he wants it to go, independent, successful, not taking orders from anyone. He can afford a Lexus.

Cereal commercial with women, maybe Special K, emphasizes weight loss, fruit in the cereal. Fruit happens to be STRAWBERRIES, which always has sexual connotations (women eating strawberries…). White and Black women in the ad. Message: Women need to be skinny & sexual, watch their weight, to be happy.

CNN segment on gay marriage, hosted by black guy who just announced his gayness recently. The two speakers were 1) another young black male, and 2) a white woman, attractive, long brown hair. All appear to be in their 30s. Black male speaker rather agitated, woman speaking, saying the President should “put aside politics and do the right thing,” to which the commentator laughed and said something about her having slipped away from reality. No matter how the two people spar at each other, when they realize time is up, they always start smiling and try to end looking plesantly into the camera.

on gay marriage: About 2/3 of the country still do not accept it; however there is a growing trend toward its acceptance. This President has done away w/ the “Don’t ask don’t tell” military policy. He has spoken out more in favor of gay marriage than, I think, any President in history. It’s a delicate balancing act to walk for someone running for re-election.

My faith, the Baha’i Faith, defines marriage as between a man and a woman. There will never be an official gay Baha’i marriage ceremony. However, we do not condemn people to eternal damnation or “hell” or any such thing as that, either. We are all on a journey from God unto God, an eternal, ever-evolving journey. There is an acceptance within the Baha’i Faith for all peoples, which is unmatched. Gay and lesbian folks are accepted into Baha’i gatherings as equal before God. It’s a weird balance. They just won’t be allowed to have a Baha’i marriage ceremony, which are legally recognized in all 50 states.

For me, personally, it is one of the laws of my religion I have no understanding of. I just accept it because it was originally stated by the Founder of the Faith, Baha’u’llah, and so it cannot be changed. People who love other people are fully accepted into my life. I know enough from sociology to know they are not child predators or different in any other way from heterosexuals. Child predators are most often a male heterosexual family member. I don’t see us banning them from being around children just because of their sexual preference.