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Samuel M. Agnew not the doctor

June 26, 2017

My most distant relative found so far is Samuel M. Agnew who is sitting in the living room of James Agnew (b.1808 supposedly in PA and d. 1880 Ohio) in 1850 and is on the census that way. I have been researching these folks for about 6 years now, and haven’t gotten past them. There is another **famous** Dr. Samuel Agnew, of the “Book of the Agnews” line, who was born approximately the SAME year as OUR Samuel Agnew, 1778. However, the famous Dr. Samuel Agnew dies in 1849, so they are not the same.

No one else is EVER researching our Samuel M. Agnew of Cincinnati Ohio. No other family trees contain him, nothing. I just realized or concluded tonight that this has to mean SOMETHING. It means that either they invented themselves as Agnews in Cincinnati and they are really someone else, so there are no previous records; OR, Samuel must have immigrated (from Ireland perhaps, according to the DNA folks on FamilyTreeDNA). Something is weird. There is some reason they do not exist previous to this.

There is quite a bit of random information about Samuel in Cincinnati. For example, he is postmaster of Fulton I believe in 1936. There may be two different Samuel Agnews in the Cincinnati area because some of the info. doesn’t seem to match (go figure). There is also a Samuel Agnew who arrives in the states in 1823 but from England. The listing on ancestry is not the original & there is not enough information transcribed. I need to find the original book.

If I never resolve this mystery, I leave it to MY descendants to resolve it. I plan to figure it out but if I am unable, I hope that someone else does. There is an elaborate and detailed ancestry “tree” that y’all can work on in your spare time! The Agnew tree. I sure will be happy if I ever solve this frustrating mystery.


poem for Naylah on her 7th birthday

June 3, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Naylah

We picked strawberries

And waited for you,


Mommy, so heavy,

So ready for you,


But you were late!

(just a little bit)


Baba wondered,

Would he have another son?

Or a BEAUTIFUL daughter



We rushed to the Birthing Center

Where you were born,

Grandma played with Zakiah

In the waiting room,


And then – there you were!

Out of Mommy you came!


Someone said, “It’s a girl!”

And Mommy cried


For Naylah



Was here,

And life was never the same.

cfblack, 06-03-2017

Naylah age 7