Scotch-Irish Agnews

According to those running a DNA test for my surname, my brother’s DNA test showed a haplogroup that tends to be Scotch-Irish, meaning, a group that originated in Scotland but immigrated to Ulster, Ireland, and then at some point to the U.S.:

ScotchIrish or ScotsIrish may refer to: The Ulster Scots people, an ethnic group in Ulster, Ireland, who trace their roots to settlers from Scotland. ScotchIrish Americans, descendants of Ulster Scots who first migrated to America in large numbers in the 18th and 19th centuries.”

The only large Scotch-Irish groups in the U.S. tend to be in the Northwest and the Southeast! Not Midwest. Also, our closest relative is descended from a man named Elijah Horn in SC. Their contact info is not posted. The reason this is all so ironic is that we moved to SC 9 years ago, for a teaching job, and no relatives whatsoever living here.

Scotch-Irish in U.S.  (Scotch-Irish info & map from Wikipedia.)



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