End of semester, Beginning of life

I’m tired,

and I hope I can find

all the Quiz 2’s

for the right students,

so we can go over them

before the final.

I hope I can answer all their questions.

I hope that they ASK some questions.

I hope they turn in

that ONE assignment

I allow them to make up

that they never did,

Because I’m a nice person,

a caring prof,

who would happily give all A’s

and not focus on grades at all,

but just have conversations

about what they are learning —

from each other,

from the book,

from the Internet,

from their phones,

and what do they think about it?

And I want to tell the seniors,

Baby, just slow down,

It’s not over,

It’s never over,

You will always be learning,

the road is long,

And as soon as you leave this place —

which you are itching so bad to do —

Life is gonna smack you in the gut,

and you won’t even see it coming.

But don’t ever give up,

And don’t let it get you down,

Because life is beautiful

and it’s all worth it,

Just keep your head up

Stay informed

Speak your mind

And be involved,

Don’t accept the world as it is

Do your best to change it,

Find something to do that is worthwhile,

Because life is truly

what you make of it.

cfblack  04-21-2017


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