James A. Agnew family

Looking at the family of my great-grandfather James A. Agnew in New Albany IN.

James A., the patriarch, died at age 65 from falling off a ladder.
Carrie, his wife, died in a mental institution at age 56.
James A. & Carrie Bybee had 6 kids. One died the same year he was born, probably at birth:
William Robert (1880-1943)
James Garfield (1882 b & d) — lived 6 months.
Frederick Louis (1883-1951)  —  Died of electrocution while working as a painter.
Alfred Edward (1886-1948)
John Wesley & Gertrude Myrtle Celeste (1892 b. twins)
— John W. is my Grandpa. (1892-1952)
— Gertrude (1892 – 1935)
Of their 6 kids, their death ages are:  63, 0, 68, 62, 60, 43.  
Of their kids, here’s how many kids they each had:

William R. — 1 child, James Francis.
Fred Louis – 1 child, Irene.
Alfred Edward — 3 kids, Chester (lived 4 yrs.), Casper (d. in WWII), Edward.
John Wesley — 2 kids, my Aunt Margaret Ruth, & my Dad.
Gertrude Myrtle — 5 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys. NORMA was the youngest. When her mother Gertrude Myrtle died at age 43, Norma was 7. My Grandma Mary & Grp. John W. adopted her into their family to raise her. When Norma wanted to marry (and did marry) a British man, my Grandma stopped speaking to her for the rest of her life.

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