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December 31, 2016

The Darkness gives way,

Orange fingers reach across the night,

Then pink, becomes Light.


cfblack, 12-31-16



highway haiku

December 18, 2016

Driving into Savannah Fri. night, we saw many downed trees that were lying sideways, the tops of them near the highway, as if reaching towards us. They would suddenly appear, whitish-gray trunks of trees against the night, and I wrote this haiku:


Skeletons of trees,

Arms are reaching out to us,

Hurricane remnants.

rain haiku

December 6, 2016

Never ending rain

Put out all the forest fires

Then leave us alone.


cfblack 12-05-2016

Fruitcake haiku

December 4, 2016

He stirs the batter,
Makes fruitcakes with Great-Grandma,
Building memories.


(This Thanksgiving break, Zakiah our grandson helped AL’s mom make her annual fruitcakes she gives out to all the families. She makes chocolate ones, apricot, ones with white and what flour. She is too weak now to make them by herself and use the electric mixer. Zakiah, age 10, did that and built a relationship with her.)


End of semester

December 3, 2016

I sit, at my desk,

after 10 hours’ sleep

where I tossed and turned all night,

my body, settling,

my brain, active,

thoughts of my students raging aloud,

The morning sun streaming,

my coffee, strong,

it comforts me as I take it in,

For the end of a race,

you must save energy

for the final sprint, where you give it all,

Knowing this balance makes all the difference

and determines who wins the race,

My final sprint is a thousand emails,

a hundred papers to grade,

Notebooks filled with assignments

from anxious students on the last day,

… but a crisp, Fall morning beckons

for a leisurely walk around

my favorite park, with trees still standing,

as their beauty falls to the ground.


cfblack, 12-03-2016  

In the Garden of Ridvan

December 1, 2016

I don’t know why, this poem came to me tonight. To understand it, you have to know the story of Baha’u’llah, Founder of the Baha’i Faith, who spent 12 days in a garden before being banished from his native land, for teaching principles such as unity of God, His religions, unity of humankind, equality of men and women, education of all children, spiritual solution to economic inequality, agreement of science and religion.

In the Garden of Ridvan

I stand outside,

The breeze blows around me,

the tent gently flaps in the wind,

I look down at the ground, wonder why I’m here,

My heart sinks,

I am unworthy.

The glory of His presence

fills the air with a joy,

a perfume sweet as honeysuckle,

The birds know, and respond with melodies,

This is the Day of God.

And I know, this moment,

This is the time

that poets and Prophets longed to see,

This is the New Jerusalem,

This is the Dawn of Wisdom,

And I stand, in complete and utter awe,

My heart is lit aflame,

My spirit thankful to be this near,

And then He calls my name.


cfblack, 12-01-2016

The time of Ridvan in the Baha’i calendar is April 21 – May 2nd.