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Final Days

April 26, 2016

These are the final days,

days of remembering,

days of reflection,

of walks down the hall with support on each side,

days of service provided by family,

days of someone accepting their aid.

These are the days of aching bones,

when pain is simply a part of life,

when it is a struggle to get out of bed,

to get dressed,

and to sleep.

Days of being poked with needles,

of taking pills by mouth and IV,

Days to spend with family and friends,

and the loss of all privacy.

Days to say I love you,

Days to offer prayers,

These are the days of memories

when many stories are shared.

Some of these days are filled with tears,

some with laughter and joy,

Some are filled with stress and concern,

Some are over way too soon.

Days of precious intimacy,

of sitting with our loved ones,

days when time loses relevance,

days of God’s infinite mercy.

cfblack  04-26-2016 





April 17, 2016

this is rough but just saving it here for now


I need to say about a million prayers for my family,

For unity in the midst of difficulties,

I need to offer healing prayers

for about a million friends who are suffering,

I need to change our diet to be more healthy,

I need to practice offering the story of Baha’u’llah

in simple, everyday ways.

I need to continue the struggle to pay off our debt,

I need to prepare for the last 2 weeks of classes,

I need to unpack the rest of the boxes that stand to the ceiling

In some of our rooms,

But I only have today in front of me

And will do what I am able,

While the sun shines brightly in South Carolina

And the sky is the bluest of blues.

cfblack  04-17-2016