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The Flood

October 12, 2015

I need to write about the flood in South Carolina where we got between 17-21 inches of rain in a weekend. We are still boiling water. Two hundred + roads are still closed. Businesses washed away. A fabric store’s wall fell and the fabrics washed into the woods where they created a “fairyland” atmosphere. Our “water run off” became a raging river and flooded into the park 2 blocks down the road from us. It’s been real. There is a lot to write about but I will return to this post and do so.

Here is a HAIKU I wrote just the other day while driving on a SC highway at night, with the moon hidden behind the cloud cover:

Darkness shrouds the night,
Moonlight blocked behind the clouds,
Go forward on faith.

We call this “Fabric Forest”:

fabric forest