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All We Can Do

August 8, 2015


I open the book

to Chapter 6,

the only one of 12

for which I have

no notes,

Resolve to get through it

before reading through them,

to prepare for the final

I have yet to take,

though in reality I know

my heart is elsewhere,

trying still to avoid

the summer that is past,

in order to change

the future,


what’s past is past,

today is today,

and tomorrow never comes,

All we can do to prepare for it

is to strive,

to act,

and to pray,

All we can do

is accept where we are,

be happy for this day..

cfblack  08-08-15


A Too Sad Day

August 3, 2015

Today is a too sad day.

If I could,

I would go back in time,

a million times,

over and over again,

to pick you up the night before,

to prevent this summer from happening.

It might have happened

another time,

in another place,

with some other one,

but it would not have happened

the way it did,

it would not have happened

to us.