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no air conditioning

June 22, 2015


Sit down,

Don’t move around,

Find your inner quiet.

The house will wait,

the dishes will wait,

Calm yourself,

and listen.

Hear the cicadas in the trees,

their sizzle that builds to a crescendo,

They make the sound of a rainmaker

in a musician’s hands,

Feel the air circulate,

hear the sounds,

Avoid the sun,

but know it is there.

Drink lots of water,

Replenish what is lost,

Experience the heat

of 100 degrees,

Soon, the machine will run again,

its cool air will blow from out the vent,

Windows will close you off to the world,

You will no longer be part of this universe.

cfblack  06-21-15, written as our air conditioner broke down in 102-degree South Carolina summer heat.


Hot Summer Nights

June 11, 2015

Hot summer nights

The insects call

Happy their time has come,

We cannot speak the language,

a million staccato chirpings

run together in a high-pitched scream,

They call to one another,

The choir sings,

The sun is down

The backyard alive,

I sit and listen,

Window open,

Letting humidity envelop my room,

This is their time,

They call, they crawl,

Till morning comes again.

Who are you?

June 7, 2015

Who are you?

Why don’t you tell me?

Where were you born?

Who is your father?

Who was your first wife?

She is probably the mother

of my great-grandfather,

so I need to know.

The woman you are married to

in 1850,

when great-grandpa is 8,

is not the one.

I know that women

had babies early then,

but at age 14

it is not likely.

So who is the mother

of my great-grandfather?

Was she Indian or African?

I cannot find a clue.

I am a lost child

searching in the darkness,

searching for answers,

searching for clues.

I find your grave marker,

but no clues of your father,

You come from Ohio,

at least you say so.

Your second wife Mary

comes from PA,

How did you meet?

She is 16 yrs younger than you.

Your grave marker stands

6 feet tall,

a testament to the status

you must have held,

so there must be a record

that tells me more,

Direct me there,

for I need to know,

I tire of the journey

to find traces of you,

and yet we are one,

you are my ancestor,

your DNA runs

all through my bones,

so help me to find you

and solve the mystery

of where we came from,

how far back do we go?

From where did we come from

to land in America,

who was the ancestor

who first landed here,

Did he come from Scotland?

or from Ireland’s shores,

it is one or the other,

as the story goes.

cfblack  06-06-2015