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Tired of the world of man

February 7, 2015

I am tired of the world of man.

I am tired of guns and the idiots who carry them,

Tired of defending their right to kill,

Tired of competition to win the game,

Tired of the weapons of war,

I am tired of being looked at as a partner for sex,

And judged that way, even when I am old.

I am tired of political speech

That speaks nonsense in filthy words,

For the purpose of attacking the enemy

In time for re-election,

I am tired of holding in tears,

tired of not sharing who we are,

tired of people building walls around them

thinking a fortress will keep them safe,

We are all, one and all, human beings

With nothing to offer but ourselves,

We are rich with caring, and nurturing,

And we are all connected.

This world tires of the age of man,

It is time to turn on the feminine,

The time to ripe to build coalitions,

It is time to change the rules,

Time to communicate with our words,

To build skills of collaboration,

Time to be loving, to walk hand-in-hand

Not caring who wins the race,

It is time to reach out to our neighbor,

And share with them our deepest fears,

Time to work more together

In a community of our peers.

cfblack          02-07-2015