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Opening a savings account

January 2, 2015

Today, after reading a couple chapters of a book on money management given to me by my oldest daughter, I decided to do the right thing and open a free, online savings account. For a few years I have thought about opening an Orange ingdirect account. Spent some time looking at their website. It seemed to have good sound advice on money management, life insurance and other things, and it also appealed to me because it’s run by the Dutch. I am 100% Dutch from my mother’s side. But I had a little trouble finding a place to open a simple savings account.

Ingdirect is known for allowing people to open a savings account with any amount and allowing you to deposit any amount, all free. Being depressed after working on our budget, I decided, “Okay, I’ll just start with the $12.00 in coins it has taken me weeks to save up.” I can put the 12.00 in the bank tomorrow and start depositing $10.00 a paycheck that won’t be missed. I’ll forget about it, it will build up like magic and all will be well.

My husband and I have done well through many difficult times to be where we are. Raised 4 kids, all got a college degree and are happy and healthy, contributing adults living on their own. In fact, all are now married. This is a life accomplishment few enjoy. We have always managed to survive through difficult times. Sometimes there were job losses due to the 1980s recession, and middle management jobs disappearing, all at a time when I refused to work because I was going to be w/ my kids through their first years as a stay-at-home mom. Other times, political back lashes hit us and cost my husband his job due to our involvement in social justice issues in our community. The viciousness of people knows no bounds. This is one thing we learned. You can do the right thing and people will stop at nothing to attack you for it. Lastly, we moved to South Carolina, after I pursued a PhD and got it, then landed a job in the south. South Carolina has not been kind to us, for jobs. My husband was unemployed twice, both times for 10 months, neither time through any fault of his own. We’ve been told we don’t belong here, called damn yankees, denied tenure, and denied jobs, just for not having a southern accent or a conservative political bent. However, we have also met and gotten to know some of our dearest and closest friends here, and we never tire of the South Carolina sun, palm trees, being near the ocean, and never having to fight ice and snow.

All that being said, we have not built up our savings and nest egg for inevitable old age like we could have, and probably should have. Hence my New Year’s decision to open a savings account.

Turns out, Ingdirect is only open in Australia and perhaps Amsterdam. I didn’t really research it fully, but those are the only webpages I saw. Ingdirect, at least in America, has been taken over by Capital 365. I decided to go ahead and open a Capital 365 account. Sounded similar, a free savings account that you can start and put any amount into on a regular basis.

Well it wasn’t so easy. At some point in the application, Capital 360 realized I was the holder of a CapitalOne credit card. It wanted to tie the 2 accounts together. Okay, fine. Done. But then it discovered my husband also had one of their cards. I, however, could not remember the correct login and password for his account, though I tried my best. Calling them on the phone did not help. My name was not my husband’s. Some nice person told me I could do it online, since it became obvious I could access his e-mail account from his laptop. This did not work either. At some point, after talking on phone calls where I waited forever, and also attempting to do it online, I decided to make it my own single account and leave him off of it. At least I could get the dang thing up and running.

Didn’t happen. Couldn’t figure out a way to go back and CLOSE the ORIGINAL account I had set up as “double”. At the end of the day I had two different Capital 360 savings accounts, both set up to withdraw my 12.00 in coins from our current bank account on Monday, with no way to access the double one, and no way to close it; additionally, the single one needs to confirm who I am by depositing some amount of change they decide and having me report it back to them, before it can set up automatic future withdrawals. Today being Friday, none of this will get resolved until Monday.

Calling Capital One resulted in their telling me, since I set up 2 accounts, we cannot delete either one until the 12.00 is deposited into each one, finalizing the account. Then I can call back (I can’t wait), transfer money from one account to the other and close one of the accounts.

Tonight we went out to buy lottery tickets to solve our money problems. And it’s raining.


Those we lost in 2014

January 1, 2015

Besides, Joe Cocker, I just researched and found many more we lost in 2014. Among them are:

  • Robin Williams. What a loss. Miss you.
  • Maya Angelou! and STILL I RISE….  !
  • Joan Rivers (does not drum up the same feelings). Funniest quote from her: Some years after her husband committed suicide, she and her daughter were in a restaurant looking at the menu and she said, “Oh, if your father were here looking at these prices, he would kill himself all over again!”
  • James Garner (Rockford Files)
  • ELI WALLACH — The Good the Bad and the Ugly!
  • Ann B. Davis, the annoying maid on Brady Bunch
  • Ralph Waite – father of JOHN BOY!
  • Shirley Temple BLACK — on the good ship Lollipop
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the one everyone was sad and horrified about, but the real thing is, this is what drugs do and they are not safe to play around with. Stop doing them.
  • Ruth Duccini – the last surviving female MUNCHKIN!!
  • Russell Johnson, “the Professor” on Gilligan’s Island and a heartthrob for me in my teens
  • Harold Ramis — GHOSTBUSTERS! friend of Bill Murray and the one I liked in the movie.
  • Jim Lange, a man I watched on TV in my later teens on the stupidest show ever, “Dating Game”, I guess a precursor to a stupider show, “The Bachelor”
  • MICKEY ROONEY! I liked him in “The Black Stallion”
  • Bob Hoskins, the older male character in Roger Rabbit
  • Casey Kasem! TOP 40 COUNTDOWN and one of the few popular Arab Americans, unbeknownst to many

Quite a lot of souls who will be missed. It strikes me how little time we have and that we never know how much time we have in this world.