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When We Were Young

August 26, 2014
When we were young
we rode our bikes 15 miles,
on the highway you helped build
that was not yet open to cars,
The road was ours
the summer hot
my hair long, blowing in the wind,
We flung our arms to the world
and to each other
stopped and made love on the river bank
Little did we know
the future that was ours
the many years we would have together
because on this day
all we saw, tasted, felt, cared about
was this one day
the summer sun
and the joy
of being together.

summer’s ending and things left unfinished

August 10, 2014

This summer is ending. Though I’m enjoying my last few days of *not working*, being a teacher, I am starting to think “classes” and preparation. So much for not having to set an alarm. It’s been great.

My summers off tell me that if I win the lottery, I will DEFINITELY quit my job. I am so busy in summer, while not working, that I go back to work to rest. Without having to worry about the cost of gas, I would drive– no, fly– all over the place to see places I’ve never been & be at each of my grandkids’ birthdays as they occur. I wouldn’t gain any weight because I could actually afford to join a gym and have a personal trainer. Wouldn’t that be the life. I would have my own personal swimming pool and swim laps without anyone else invading my space or peeing in the pool water.

My grandson & I have still never gone panning for gold. That’s been a goal for 2 years now. I never quite have the additional money for a trip north to North Carolina, where the best places are. We made it to the zoo, which left me broke for a week. The Columbia zoo is WAY expensive! Ridiculous. You almost have to win the lottery to get into the zoo, let alone climb the climbing wall, go to the top of the big climbing tower, buy a drink and snacks, all of which cost extra, and the new ZIP LINE?? Forget it. It takes 4-6 hours of your day and $45.00 per person. Sorry, ain’t happenin’.

I never had time to work again on family history this summer. Maybe I would have resolved the mystery of my ancestors who left absolutely NO trail I can find as to their parents and who the hell immigrated from Scotland. It is dang irritating. Did someone get adopted? Where did they come from to arrive in Cincinnati Ohio in the 1840s?? Darned if I know. And where are my husband’s ancestors buried– the one who immigrated from Ireland, married his great grandmother for his 2nd marriage who is said to have been Indian? Can’t find a gravesite for either of them. They just disappeared, and died within 4-5 years of one another. We even did the big family *DNA TEST* which led to: NOWHERE. Nothing worth noting, nothing that solved any mysteries.

So, family vacation over, grandson’s visit from 5 states away over, trips to the north & back– over, children’s class with 40 kids for the summer– over. I’m enjoying a few days of quiet before the chaos sets in! I even have a new job to begin. And we’re flat broke this week, awaiting next payday which contains overtime and extra summer pay. Until then, I’m watching where I drive so I have enough to get here & there until Fri. payday, & planning out our meals so we’re not having eggs & oatmeal for dinner on Thurs night. Lord help us.

new job

August 8, 2014

New Job

What will the story be here?
Who will be my friends?
What are the secrets now unknown,
The truths to be revealed?
Who will resent my being here,
Who will work against me,
Who will trust and work with me,
Who will be my enemy?
I walk again a new path,
Face the fear of never been here,
Don’t know quite where I’m going
But I do know where I’ve been,
Put on that face of confidence,
The one you pull out for these times,
Let them not see the fragile heart
That steps carefully through broken glass,
Lift the head, and meet the gaze
Of all the faces, all the smiles,
Pretend you are walking comfortably,
Be hopeful, expect the best,
Give your doubts to another day,
Be Present, Be at rest.
cfblack 8-07-2014