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Moving to the city

March 31, 2014

We recently made the move to the big city. I am going to write a number of very short posts in this category whenever I think of them. This one is:

I once again have access to a main post office open after hours, with a machine that will weigh packages, dole out postage needed, and accept your package, all after 5pm! Totally awesome.


How the Poor pay higher rates than middle class or wealthy

March 29, 2014

We recently moved to inner city Columbia. We are happy here. If you go downtown and turn left on Main, everyone you see has darker skin tone than me. There are certain areas and streets we avoid, and wouldn’t walk down at night, but it’s okay. We hear ambulance sirens and trains, a hospital is a few blocks away, as well as a number of colleges, including two historical black ones and a women’s college. It is South Carolina after all, and still very segregated. Though many would like to take it down, the Confederate flag still flies directly in front of the Statehouse. Our Governor declines free Federal money to help build our schools into more than they are now, it doesn’t hurt her children or other upper class families because their kids attend private schools, and life goes on, segregated by choice for those who can afford it.

Just shopped around for car insurance.

We’ve been paying $111./mo. for GEICO for a long time. My husband had one small accident last Fall. Their service was outstanding, they set up the appt w/ a garage, gave him another vehicle, the whole bit. They just raised our rates to 140. Then they heard our new address. All of a sudden it jumped to 173., with a 1st payment of 198. I told them it was discrimination of the poor & we had moved here “to work with youth”. The lady said disgustedly, “Where YOU moved to….”  I told her to come see our neighborhood, it is very nice, full of big, old trees and on a nice, quiet street of retired teachers. 
Progressive quoted me $164. online. Went to finalize it, it jumped to 209./mo.
E-surance was 192./mo. I guess we stay with GEICO. There is NO REASON the rates jumped to this high other than we now live in a predominantly African American, poor neighborhood, which actually for where we live, we are in one of the largest and nicest houses, and our neighbors are very quiet and very nice. House rental payment went down, Car insurance payment went up for no reason except discrimination against the poor, because they can. 


March 25, 2014

I try to accept

that people judged me

to be something I am not,

that their vision was so small,

that they knew me so little,

that they were so out of touch with who I am,

but it doesn’t help.

They know not a thing about me.

and when you give 500 percent,

and they throw you out like trash,

nothing makes any sense


Idiots are free to roam the world

and take away the life

of others.

So you have to find a new way of understanding,

of coping with reality.

You have to know that when you get down to it,

there is only one who is in charge of your life,

your joy, and your place in the world,

and that is you.

So you just keep on giving,

forget your self,

and choose to be of service.

There is only One worth pleasing,

and there is always another day.

with gold we test our servants

March 25, 2014


O SON OF BEING! If poverty overtake thee, be not sad; for in time the Lord of wealth shall visit thee. Fear not abasement, for glory shall one day rest on thee.


O SON OF BEING! If thine heart be set upon this eternal, imperishable dominion, and this ancient, everlasting life, forsake this mortal and fleeting sovereignty.


O SON OF BEING! Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire We test the gold, and with gold We test Our servants. 



3 days of grandkids

March 18, 2014

3 days of grandkids make me aware of the preciousness of a child’s heart, the freshness of youth, and how much energy it takes to keep up with them. Sad when they leave.
my sweets mar142014

my husband’s presence

March 10, 2014

The older we become,

the more I take comfort in my husband’s presence,

and the more I am aware,

that our friendship and love

is all that will survive of our existence,

and all that we may pass on

to our children and grandchildren.

continuing the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah

March 10, 2014


O SON OF MAN!   The true lover yearneth for tribulation even as doth the rebel for forgiveness and the sinful  for mercy.



O SON OF MAN!   If adversity befall thee not in My path, how canst thou walk in the ways of them that are  content with My pleasure?  If trials afflict thee not  in thy longing to meet Me, how wilt thou attain  the light in thy love for My beauty?



O SON OF MAN!   My calamity is My providence, outwardly it is fire and vengeance, but inwardly it is light and  mercy.  Hasten thereunto that thou mayest  become an eternal light and an immortal spirit.  This is My command unto thee, do thou observe  it.



O SON OF MAN!   Should prosperity befall thee, rejoice not, and should abasement come upon thee, grieve not,  for both shall pass away and be no more.



March 4, 2014

I think I’ll write a children’s book on being “pompous”. The Pompous King of Polandia” or some such thing.

My husband and I have lived long enough and led lives filled with enough activity, to know many pompous souls. People who have a need to spout their glory, to think themselves better than, and to feel good about it. There is so much that goes on in the world, it’s amazing any of us survive even for a time. They put other people down and in so doing, somehow imagine themselves two floors above, when they in fact are going to lie beneath the earth in so much time, just as everyone else. And the truth is, we can take absolutely nothing with us from this world. We leave it all behind. All that goes with us is those good deeds we have managed, and the good love we have shared with our families and loved ones. And that is all. NOTHING else matters, nothing else lasts. In 2-3 generations, even the memory of us is gone. Only the effort we put into this world, in the form of others now living, survives.