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July 27

July 27, 2013

My oldest grandson is 17 today! I must really be old. I wonder what in the world I did for my 17th birthday? My father had been gone 1 year, I probably wasn’t in very good shape. I think we had moved back to Indiana.

I should say a lot about my oldest grandson because he is so precious, so special. But right now, I’m just missing him and feeling rather down. I was at his birth, along with his father’s mother also. It was a happy day. Our daughter was 19.

Tonight I am actually with his younger brother who has been with us now for 2 weeks. Today we didn’t do much this morning, went to a 3-hr meetg this afternoon at which he was totally bored, & then came home to a torrential downpour that put our sidewalk under water. In about one hour, the pond came up over the sidewalk. We haven’t seen that in the 4 years we lived here. Caspian was quite fascinated with all the flooding so we took a walk around the neighborhood. Made a pizza, And now we’re watching Sleeping Beauty. And that’s our day.


July 25

July 25, 2013

Exploits with grandson Caspian today:

Not a whole lot outside of hanging out at home! He slept to 10:30, really late. He broke the rules & got in the pool with a friend without supervision in the morning. Went over that rule again. (They are basically harmless & were only in for 10 mins. or so, but they knew it was not allowed.)

He went swimming w/ me for an hour in later afternoon, Lots of small children there. I actually got in the pool & swam.

He & buddy were riding scooters & skateboards & bikes & he slipped & ended up w/ a bloody nose.

Made spaghetti dinner. Got caught up on my online class, uploaded one video from beach week to FB. Went 10 miles away to fill truck w/ gas at Walmart, took C. to the dollar store where he picked out eyeball glasses………. Cheap thrills.

Dad of friend of his suddenly brought out 3 dirt bikes, so with a HELMET I gave permission for him to ride with them behind the pond on the little trails back there. No big hills & they were told to ride slow. I think it was pretty harmless. I took a few photos.

Took a late night swim when the teenage boys take over the pool. I do not understand boys. At all. Yelling and banging up against each other in the pool, as well as diving in right next to each other is “fun”. No swimming, just banging on each other & yelling. Which Caspian dearly loved to do so he had a blast. The older teenage boys here are just very kind. They just included him in their circle, threw him up in the air a few times, etc.

He then set off a few late fireworks outside our door. Came in, tried to play some foul mouth rap music he somehow knows all the words to even though he doesn’t have Internet at home, & we had a short discussion about language. Constant battle. I asked him, Do you think it’s okay to call women b…’s & ho’s? “NO.” Okay then.

He goes back & forth between this music & “Aristocats” on TV………. Music goes off. BED TIME.


I am actually so exhausted when we are done for the day I can hardly write anything.

Grandson Caspian

July 24, 2013

I am going to post a few times about what our grandson is doing while visiting us this summer. Don’t have time to write much now.

For now, I will mention that here he has fishing on the pond; free swimming anytime; and some friends in the neighborhood. He knows how to thread a fishing pole. We had 2 that were a mess. He straightened them out in about a minute. Then we bought some worms & he’s been at it. Caught a carp & a bluegill.

Neighbors next door are moving, which is a bummer for all the kids in the area, as they have 4 boys, 1 girl, 2 dogs, etc. 

Caspian switches from watching Disney films to wanting to be a gangster hustler. I hope he gets less fascinated with the rapster gang hustler mentality as he gets a bit more mature. This is what we all hope for.

His best friend is a skate boarder, but most of all they love swimming. An adult has to be there but we somewhat take turns. Most of the time, I’m there with him. Sometimes adults just sit to the side in the shade, talk & let the kids swim.

Plan for today is to take him downtown Columbia to an art store & buy some sort of art paint or craft project he can work on when he needs to “chill”, then stop in the store down the street that has old fashioned candy. We’ll be home in the afternoon, then go to my husband’s poetry/music event tonight from 8-10, “Mind Gravy.” 

It is evident that medications are wearing off by evening, as he gets very hyper at night. This happens every day. 

He swam so much yesterday & even a late swim last night w/ neighborhood boys that he slept in until after 10 this morning. We wore him out. That’s unusual!