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The next 4 years

November 10, 2012

Just a quick reflection over the next 4 years. I see everyone in America having healthcare for the first time ever in our history. And no one being turned down due to a “pre-existing condition”. I think this is a remarkable thing. I also think most people against it have never been turned down by a physician who didn’t want to take you as a patient due to not having insurance, not wanting a hospital birth, or not agreeing with this physician on any number of other things that you have a right to question medical practice on. Most people complaining have never had the personal delight of living WITHOUT health insurance due to loss of a job for some reason no fault of your own. I had surgery this summer for something that came up suddenly and was unexpected. Total bill? $26,000. My cost? When we’re finished filling out forms, probably less than $2500. A person without insurance would probably not have even been offered the surgery.

I see marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, for possession of one ounce or less. This somewhat bothers me, but not as much as living in a society where the drinking of alcohol is practically mandated at every single social function and promoted relentlessly on television, in newspapers and magazines and every other advertising venue in existence for the best way to have love, a sexual partner and happiness in your life. IT AIN’T TRUE and the substance is more harmful than marijuana will ever be. So where does that leave us?

I think that same sex marriage will gradually become supported by the federal government. If there is something inherently unnatural or unwise about same sex sexual relationships or marriage among same sex partners, it certainly will be something that is not shown by not allowing this freedom of choice. All the fears about same sex marriage are usually based on that alone. They are not based in science, social or otherwise, where most studies show no difference among children raised by same sex partners and those raised by traditional male-female partners, other than their being more open-minded and more egalitarian in their abilities at various household tasks. Other realities are that same sex partners are just as loving and sometimes manage long-lasting relationships the same as cross-gender partners. We have to allow free-thinking adults to make their own choices and realize it does not define our own personal beliefs, it only allows tolerance, acceptance of difference and diversity, and makes us a more open, loving and free society.

In the next 4 years, I believe unrest in the European and global market will continue, and could, at some point result in a global market recession we will have trouble recovering from. People of the world are suffering. How long can this unjust division continue? How long before we decide how to all live on this planet, grow enough food for everyone and distribute it so that no child has to live in hunger every day. It simply cannot continue.

in the next 4 years, something could happen with Iran. They are just one of those places where their leaders do not care what the rest of the world says and will not ever listen to the voice of reason and educated minds. To have a President and government denying women education, denying the largest religious minority in their nation education, and saying the Holocaust never happened, then developing nuclear power is just unacceptable and they must be stopped. It is a volatile and dangerous situation.

Our President will attempt brave renovations in our transportation system, which is a joke compared to the advancements in Europe, Japan & elsewhere. He will also attempt to move forward with future-thinking environmentally sound energy developments and auto revisions. Oil drilling will not be developed as much as it would have with a different President.

Fat cats will have to pay their share of taxes just like the rest of us. Hallelujah. Do they think all of us more near the bottom would not start our own small businesses or do productive things for the economy if we had a bit more resources, and weren’t worried about our light bill vs. grocery bill next month? We can all pay our FAIR SHARE of the taxes to our government and THEN they can also do things to develop the economy and “create jobs”.

Creation of jobs is our #1 concern and it won’t be done to the extent that people in America need it. There is too much money being made by taking jobs elsewhere.

Neighborhood economies and local produce will continue to develop, mostly out of necessity.