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update on diet/exercise

June 26, 2012

It is going well. 🙂 I have the time right now to do this well, so I am being consistent. When school starts……….. it will be difficult.

Tomorrow I plan to get up & walk farther than I ever have, on a new route. It is 3.5 mi. Let’s see how long it takes me.


Owen family line

June 26, 2012

Coming down into my Grandma Mary Agnew’s family, there is another line of the last name OWEN. I spent some time w/ them today, you know, sitting at their kitchen table drinking coffee and talking. Anyway………..

In one obituary, John Leatherwood Owen, our ancestor, is said to be of WELSH descent. He is said to be buried in Leatherwood cemetary, near Bedford Indiana, but no photo yet. He and his wife Polly have a daughter named Sarah Sallie. In those days, anyone named Sarah is called Sallie, & many times both names go together.
Sarah Sallie marries Thomas Reid, which is the line my Grm. Mary comes from.
The Owen family starts in Virginia with Walter O. Owen, in our tree, in 1708. They go to Wilkes County, North Carolina at some point. Then some of them head to Kentucky, & from there, southern Indiana. A few of them also end up in Tennessee.
John Leatherwood’s father was Barnett Owen. I have a copy of his will. He left his son John $20.00. 🙂  Bartlett doesn’t mention his wife, Frances (*note: my middle name*), so I think she died before him in the same year of 1829.
Bartlett & Frances have 11 children. His will gave me last names of all his daughters (their married names). I have not yet found back to the Welsh ancestor.

my mother’s passing

June 26, 2012

Five years ago on June 22, 2007, my mother’s spirit ascended from her body to heavenly worlds. That was a blessed week, to spend the last 5 days of her life with her, along with my younger brother and sister. And so much has happened since then, it feels like a lifetime ago.

June 2007 was prior to my finishing my PhD, prior to my interviewing and getting a tenure track job in South Carolina, prior to the birth of 2 of my grandchildren in North Carolina, prior to my husband following me to SC and experiencing southern culture. A lifetime ago.

Her last words were, “I love you all.” Whatever difficulties passed between my mother and I, she had a devout faith in God, and she loved all her children and grandchildren with all her heart. I remember her love. I remember her outstretched arms to embrace her oldest grandchild from her hospital bed. I remember her struggle at leaving us. I remember her child-like spirit. Her love for her cat, her car, and Purdue basketball. Let us all remember the very best about a person. I miss her.

more Reid ancestors

June 26, 2012

Working on more of my Grandma Mary Agnew’s ancestors. Some go back to Germany. The oldest woman whose marker I sent yesterday (Elizabeth Riblin) — her family also immigrated from Germany, her father being one of the 1st Germans in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Her father’s name was Martin Riblin. That is what he changed his name to in America. When he immigrated, it was Hans Martin Raible. He owned 300 acres, no record I’ve found of any slaves, I have his exact will. He immigrated in 1752.
In another branch, the Reid family goes way back to Scotland/Ireland. They go from PA to VA to KY to southern Indiana over the generations. One of them served in the Revolutionary war & is states that on his headstone. He fought in many battles including the siege of Charleston. We can join DAR any time we want.

ancestor Peter Smith (through Mary Reid Agnew)

June 24, 2012

My 3rd great-grandfather back through my Grandma Mary Agnew — Peter Smith b.1793 in KY, d.1849 in Bedford– worked for the newspaper in Bedford, IN.

He also bought 80 acres from Pres. Andrew Jackson in 1831 near Crawfordsville.

HIS FATHER, George Michael Smith Jr of Rowan County, NC, owned 8 slaves in 1820. By 1830, in KY, they have no slaves & seem to remain without them the rest of their lives. George Michael’s wife Elizabeth is buried in Tateville Baptist Church cemetary, Pulaski County, KY, just west of Corbin KY, near Daniel Boone National Forest off Hwy 75, down Hwy 27S. He reportedly operated a ferry on the treacherous Cumberland river near Burnside, KY (in one report in the info. under Geo.Michael Sr.).
The Father of George Michael Smith — whose name is ALSO George Michael Smith, is the most interesting! He served in the Revolutionary war; became a justice of Rowan County court; operated a mill; owned at one time 400 acres; and was an all-around big shot of the community.
story on
George Sr’s father, Peter Schmitt/Smythe/Smith came to America from Bavaria in Europe.
George was in the local militia . At one time Peter, along with George and his fellow townsmen, were sent out to protect the town from the Indians during the Revoluntionary War.
George Sr. was a Judge of the Peace in Salisbury, No. Carolina where he lived on 400 acres.
George Jr. moved to KY where he ran a Ferry called “Smith’s Ferry” on the Cumberland River in Pulaski County. He lived on Smith’s Shoal. George Jr. died in 1841 and is buried on the homestead.
One of George Jr. sons , Martin Smith, moved to Indiana where he lived, married Patsy Tuggle and had many children.
One of his sons, Abraham Kern Smith married Margaret Green and had many children. One of his sons, Elmer Smith moved to Texas in 1888 along with Abraham.
(In our family, one of his sons, PETER SMITH, also moved to INDIANA and lived his life there in southern Indiana near Bedford.)
George Sr and his wife are buried in the Smith Cemetery just a few miles outside Salisbury, North Carolina.
his war record:According to:  Abstract of North Carolina Continental Line SoldiersRevelutionary War Rolls M246-46 NARA Records

In 1775, George Michael Smith served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Dixons Company of the 1st Regiment of North Carolina. He enlisted October 6, 1777 for three years. He was wounded and promoted to Sargeant in November, 1778. In contemporary records he is called “Colonel”, probably a colonel of the Militia.

Peter Smith Schmidt (1720 – 1769)

is your 6th great grandfather
Son of Peter Smith
Son of George Michael
Son of George Michael
Daughter of Peter
Son of Nancy Jane
Daughter of Charles S.
Son of Mary Frances

health and weight loss

June 22, 2012

As do many Americans, I want to lose some weight. My plan is to have a regular plan to get more healthy, and in the process, lose 30-35 lbs. Though the world is not interested in my health plan and progress it helps me to write out my thoughts, experiences and feelings. Therefore, I am starting a new category for health and weight loss.

This afternoon I walked 3 miles for the first time in about 2 mos. I am sweating and it definitely elevated my heart rate. It is rather sad to have this much effect from just walking 3 miles! But it is what it is. In the hot Carolina sun, maybe not too surprising.

It’s pretty simple. The main thing is to HAVE a plan and do it daily. Consistency is always the key. It is also so easy to change your diet in summer, with all the fresh produce. So here goes.

My Daily Plan:

walk 3 miles

exercise routine indoors for leg lefts, abs, stretching

4 containers of ice water per day

calcium, fish oil, St. john’s wort for now

cereal for breakfast – very light on breads

fresh fruit, salad for lunch with lots of produce goodies

meat & veggies at night

frozen yogurt, sherbet, popsicles, real juice bars or light ice cream if anything

1 cup green tea (with others for flavor) at night

Fire Ants

June 21, 2012

This is a little haiku-in-3-parts for my husband’s experience this past week:

Fire ants pierce the skin
Put their venom in his veins
Leave permanent scars,

Tiny but deadly
They sense in him a danger
and attack en masse,

He breaks out in hives
Delirious with burning,
then convulsions start,

with son on the phone,

and violent vomiting,

friends come to rescue!

Bendryl comforts,

medication takes effect,

the storm is over.

June 15

June 16, 2012

Quick post to record going to Methodist records at DePauw.

For the church where James Agnew was a janitor for 16 yrs., found that two of his sons got married in the same church, which lends credence to their attachment and membership in this Methodist church in New Albany. 

The reccords at DePauw were disappointing. I expected membership records going years back. All it was, was random pamphlets and records of centennial celebrations or whatever else some secretary threw in a folder. Non-Methodist church records are not there. Picked up some info. on Methodist church beginnings in New Albany. Need to visit Floyd County public library for detail on the Baptist church that was a stop on the underground RR at the time James was married to his 1st wife there & she was a member. 

Need to see if there are any other records from his Methodist church.

June 7th

June 8, 2012

35 years ago I was in labor for my first child. At about 5:15pm, after 24 hours labor, she was born into a quiet, lightly lit room in early evening, and then her father gently laid her into a small tub of warm water we called “the Leboyer bath”. We named her Jasmine. It was a natural childbirth and the Leboyer method of labor and childbirth. The doctor believed in it and cooperated. We used only quiet, hushed voices so as not to shock or disturb the child’s entrance into this new world. The labor progressed sometimes slowly all day long, but I did not want any drugs administered. The now ever-present and common “epidural” was NOT common and not used except for extreme circumstances in 1977. I think women are quite capable of birthing without intervention. But it takes preparation, confidence, education, encouragement, and knowing your own body. I feel that today, young women are not educated, are once again complacent in the birthing process, and are taught to believe and accept intervention. It is usually not necessary. We are just led to believe it is needed. Half the time, people schedule their child’s birthday today. You cannot do that without intervention. Only in extreme circumstances is that needed or even wise. In any case, I support women’s choices as long as they are educated about all the possibilities first.

This daughter and all my other children are wonderful gifts, each one different and precious. And now today, 35 years later, I watch her 2 sons, ages 15 and 11, for 2 weeks, 5 states away from her. It was impossible to imagine this 35 years ago.

Today we hung out, went swimming. It was cooler than usual. We waited around for quite awhile before swimming while Leah & Jean took a nap with Naylah. Then I decided to go ahead with Caspian & Zakiah & we got in. I was afraid it was going to rain. The others came later, along with Nick, friend of Caspian. They called another friend & he showed up with his sister, so I had 5 kids in the pool I was responsible for. We only stayed an hour & 1/2, as it clouded over & the sun disappeared for hours. Clouds were barely moving in the sky. The pool had been freshly cleaned so it was COLDER than usual. Naylah floats with a floatee and loves being in the water.

Tonight, we made spaghetti & Mr. Zakiah, nearly age 6, lost a tooth in the front bottom right! It had been loose for weeks. Big moment. Leah & I picked out goggles and sugarless gum to come from the tooth fairy. We rented TOOTH FAIRY the movie, for $1.00 & watched it. Terribly made movie but it got better in the second half. The guys then watched the end of the Celtics game at home where they lost by 19 pts.

June 6th

June 7, 2012

Today Caspian played w/ Nick & Brenden for the morning. They ride bikes on something they call the “BMX trail”. It is something kids have created where they ride a small bike over a dirt hill. Then I took them all including Raven to “The Avengers”. I bought one lrg. popcorn for EIGHT DOLLARS. EIGHT DOLLARS! That was after asking how much was the special of 2 cokes + 1 popcorn & it was $18.50. MY GOD, how do we allow these things??! They were upset I wouldn’t buy them all a coke. TOO BAD!

Came home & I needed to do some more preparation for Leah & Jean & family to come tonight (like plan some meals). So AL, after some sleep this aftn., took the boys to Mind Gravy (R&C) & left me home alone. We have gone through 6 gallons of milk in 9 days, it’s been AWHILE since that has happened! Bought more groceries. Planned spaghetti & a fish or chicken night. I like to cook when family comes, & eat together. It doesn’t really matter what, doesn’t have to be a complex, involved meal. Just hang out together. When you go out, you spend SO MUCH & you’re out with other people, you have to worry about how the kids are acting, etc. Here, we can just hang out, the boys can go outside, walk around the pond, fish, swim in the pool, no big deal.

Caspian has been reading a bit every night before going to sleep. He has read one dog story chapter book, & is now reading Wizard of Oz, a book from my dad’s collection, the few I managed to save.

Raven had a quiet day, would have stayed home w/ me tonight except for my husband not wanting to only take C. to the poetry night.

Am hoping a couple friends stop by to meet our daughter & family, & perhaps play a game of chess w/ Raven the next couple days. There is also a CHANCE I still have to appear for jury duty tomorrow or Fri. but probably not. I super super hope not.

Leah & Jean started out tonight, drove for an hour, engine light came on in their car, they went home, got in their other car, then started out AGAIN. They will get here about 2am. The boys & Naylah –cousins– haven’t seen one another for a year.