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May 31, 2012

My great-grandmother married to James Agnew was a Bybee. Her name was Clara E., nick name Carrie. A few minutes on the ancestry site today told me that he father was married twice. He married Ann(a) Easum in 1855, they had 3 children & then she died in 1865. There were 2 brothers and Carrie born during that time. He then is found in 1870 with a new wife, Nancy, age 24. My records show he would have been 34 in 1870, but he gives his age as 30, perhaps to be closer to his wife’s age. However, she is not the mother of the 3 older kids, because they were all born before the 1st wife dies in 1865. Carrie was only 5 years old at the time of her mother Anna’s death. In 1870, William Bybee and his wife Nancy have a one-year-old little boy, Robert W. (probably William). Have have zero information about William R. Bybee’s parents OR Ann Easum Bybee’s parents. Carrie and her siblings were all born in Indiana, probably near or in New Albany.

As usual, my family line is shrouded in mystery and little information. I am now connected to other BYBEES through They have an organization to connect all the cousins, a BYBEE family organization. None of them know much at all about our Indiana line. Go figure!


Last day in May

May 31, 2012

Thurs. May 31st, I am actually in the public library writing this because I came to print a copy of our coupon to the baseball game tonight. Columbia BLOWFISH here were come. I hope it doesn’t cloud up. The weather has been awesome.

We have spent another day around the house, both boys seeing their friends, Caspian going swimming w/ Nick & his mom and brother. All things going well, I hope they are not too bored, especially Raven. They seem to be okay. I forgot to say I took the boys to my college yesterday, as they finally pd me back some money for going to a conference & “the check was in”! We first met w/ the wrestling coach which Raven thought was a really cool thing. He was very nice & gave each of the boys a Newberry College t-shirt. Raven actually said he could see the advantages of a small college. Everybody knows everybody! We then picked up a book on Black family history we had ordered from another library, AND — then went to Hardees. I felt so bloated after eating there, I did not feel good all evening, and I had a TURKEY BURGER. It is just gross food.

The evening was spent at the Columbia Blowfish stadium. NOT as good a stadium as for the Indy team or the game we saw at the Smoky Mtns. last year. All in all, it was a good time. Caspian spent 1/2 the game texting friends back in Lafayette, or ME from when we let him go to the upper seats where a bunch of other kids were stationed. One ball came right at him & dropped a row in front of him, where another kid got it. He was so bummed. I knew he was upset so I went & talked with him. First thing he said was, “That was my ball.” But he actually got over it. We got the typical hot dog & coke & saw a couple home runs. It’s a good time family thing to do & it cost us 10 bucks to get in. Caspian got to run the bases with all the kids after the game was over.

Wed. May 30

May 31, 2012

Our account of Wed. begins with a phone call at 4:30am, which was my husband telling me he left BOTH his phones at home– work and personal cell. Caspian heard me getting up so he got up & we both drove Grandpa his phones at 5am! Awesome start to the day (not), the only good thing being my husband never does these things and always brags that if you always put things in the same place, these things do not happen. We are more alike sometimes than different. We both need routines to not lose track of things and stay in sinc, it’s just that he loves routines and I do not.


Caspian being awake at 5am did not go back to sleep, while I zonked back out at home for 3 more hours. He is missing a med. but has been doing well, as long as he is not too much restricted from Small Worlds game on the Internet. . . (If he lived here, things would have to change.)

We actually have not been going many places or doing sight-seeing much at all. They’ve been hanging in the neighborhood, swimming, and they each have a couple good friends in the neighborhood. We went swimming for an hour & 1/2 or so, & it was sunny again. I had forgotten the never-ending cloudy days of Indiana until the boys acted like they had to RUSH back to swim because the sun was out! I siad, “It’s always out here, just an occasional rain shower. . .”

Last evening we then went downtown w/AL to his Mind Gravy poetry/music night. It was actually an awesome night. The coffee house filled to the brim with people even standing outside (no more seats). People sang and said their pieces. I didn’t read anything, AL only read one, there were so many wanting to speak their thoughts. Raven played chess during most of it on his I-POD, playing one older man who happened to be AT the event 2 games & beating him as well. Caspian was impressed to get an autographed copy of a CD from “SHEEM-ONE” a friend of ours who is determined to make his living doing music, DJ-ing and doing positive hip hop. People sang and spoke about LOVE, our friends Sufia & Seitu performed also, with Seitu getting the crowd to sing w/ him. It was a good night, which didn’t end until close to 10:30 after cleaning up and clearing out, so we got home after the pool was closed to anyone under 21. We were all tired.

Tuesday, the day of nothing

May 30, 2012

This was our day of nothings. We basically did “nothing”, we just hung around the neighborhood all day. It rained off & on, moreso later in the day. The frogs are clicking loudly, very loudly, outside right now. They are happy with all the rainfall.

This morning C. had a moody breakdown where he was refusing to take a shower. Last night we made a “deal” where he agreed to take one this morning. This morning, we agreed he would do nothing with friends until he took one. His friends came to the door & he wanted to be on the computer, so he let them go. They came back later, he still hadn’t taken one, & he started complaining loudly, “What difference does it make, when we’re gonna play in the woods anyway and get dirty?” I noticed he slept in late (to 9:45) and then fell asleep again in front of the tv. He was VERY tired today. Might be a lack of having 1 medication, might be the drive here + swimming the past 2 days. A lot of changes & getting used to a new household, plus missing his parents. In any case, he still had to take a shower before going out, which he finally did. I am 99% sure I heard him on the phone with his mom & her voice calmed him down & convinced him to take the necessary shower. Going out at about 4pm, he found that his buddy was grounded & couldn’t play.

We then took a late afternoon swim, in the midst of a very light sprinkling of rain. About an hour at the most & he was done. A couple older boys we know in the neighborhood come around calling for R. now also. They walk the neighborhood and talk, go swimming in the pool, then separate.

I went out to the local library, getting a couple movies and books C. can read when he is upstairs on the couch. Our other big accomplishment was sending their mom a b-day card — mission accomplished!

When Grandpa came home from work, we had some pizza and corn on the cob. Later tonight, we made strawberry pancakes. They have eaten a package of baby carrots and a bag of apples in one day. We took a late walk around the neighborhood where C. showed me where his other buddy lives, then I walked further around the pond — with an umbrella. The pond was alive with loud frog singing which I still hear tonight, through the thin walls & loose-fitting doors of our house.

C. spent hours on my computer, playing “Small Worlds”. One life lesson today is that he got royally ripped off, when some stranger made a “deal” with him. C. gave away 2000 game points and gained access to an e-mail account that supposedly held riches, but turned out to be a banned e-mail account. He lost all his wealth in the deal. He felt truly cheated. I had him report the abuser to the game, but so far, he is not banned from the game.

Grandpa got back up to eat pancakes with us, we watched some comedy channel, one crime show, Jon Stewart & Colbert. He is now back in bed & gets up in less than 3 hours to go to work again.

Plans for tomorrow include a possible trip to my campus to pick up a book I ordered on Black family history at my college library; and for R. to meet the wrestling coach.

May 28 Memorial Day

May 29, 2012

I write this the morning of the 29th, while the boys still sleep at 9:45am! It appears God gave me a little break this morning. 🙂  They were worn out after swimming 2-3X yesterday, the last time from 10pm – 10:40. No one under 21 allowed in the pool after 11pm.

This day was spent mostly around the neighborhood. Caspian & I drove the 25 mi. or so to ALDI’s, only to find they were closed. I ended up going to BI-LO and spending $104., which at ALDIs would have been $75.-80. Caspian then played w/ 2 of his buddies a lot of the afternoon. I took them to the pool for about an hour & 1/2. Raven can go alone. The rules are: Kids at least 14 do not need supervision, but you have to be 18 to supervise a younger child in the pool. So I have to go whenever Caspian is at the pool.

Caspian & his friends walked through the woods near the pond & a tick fell off one of them when they came into the house. (I hate ticks!) We then checked them over & found no more. His friends have 1-2 more days of school this week, then they are done.

AL SLEPT all afternoon & in the evening as well. He has to work tomorrow 4am to 4pm, for some special training.

We don’t have a grill, so for Memorial Day we made our own “bacon burgers” and hot dogs inside the house. Also fresh corn on the cob, peaches, & pineapple. We unfroze the last 1/2 of Grandpa’s birthday cake for dessert. AL took Raven & bought him a swim suit at Walmart & they got a discounted SONIC shake in the evening. When they ret’d, the boys got in the pool for their “night swim”.

2 weeks with grandkids

May 28, 2012

These posts will not be interesting to anyone but the family. But a blog is a place to put thoughts, ideas, and accounts, in one place, easy to find later.

We were re-united with our 2 grandsons in Indiana this past Saturday and drove them to South Carolina to be with us for 2 weeks. This will be an account of their time with us, thinking back on each day.

Saturday was spent driving 11-12 hours back down to the south. We live in a rural state. The closest Starbucks is 25 minutes from our home. Our town has a Hardees (southern staple), a pizza parlor and an ice cream parlor. We have 2 grocery stores and a Dollar General. Everything else is 25-45 minutes away. We have a pond behind our home with its own eco-system and active pond life. Though banked by houses all along one side of it, the variety of critters that make up life attached to the pond is pretty incredible. Right now it is frogs making noises at night, but they are not all over the sidewalk like they were a couple weeks ago, coming down to find a mate. Now there are strings of tadpoles all along the banks, turtles poking their heads out of the water, and dragonflies buzzing around, perhaps eating mosquitoes which never bother us here.

Kids roam the neighborhood fishing and gathering in groups to talk, hang out, swim in the neighborhood pool, play football or rugby.

Yesterday was our first full day in South Carolina with the boys. We hung out at home in the morning, walked around the pond and took our first swim in the pool, which at 10:30am was not crowded. Reportedly, Tropical Storm BERYL is about to hit the coast, bringing us rain. Clouds came and went all day long, alternating with the sun. Highs reached to the 90s.

Caspian was reunited with his friend here and they hung out long enough to break off a KEY in his friend’s house front door and get it stuck in there. The father had to take the lock apart and get it out later.

We then went to RYAN’S for a late 2:30pm lunch, thinking it would not be crowded but finding that it was. The Ryans of their home town has closed, so this was a treat. We saw one good friend at the restaurant. We find that we don’t enjoy gorging ourselves with food enough to go to places like that anymore. I filled up on salad & greens, some okra, some mac & cheese, 2 pieces of fish and one small steak, with a slice of key lime pie for desert. Raven had mostly steak + bread. Caspian had some kind of meat & mashed potatoes. We just watched them for this first day. They both had some desert. Grandparents don’t fight a lot with kids to “eat one bite of green beans” or things of that nature. We’re into peace & happiness. But we will definitely be eating at home and providing good food & snacks for most of this 2 weeks! We can’t afford to eat out like this, anyway.

We then spent some time by the river walk along the Congaree river. Caspian had a good time WADING near the bank with another boy who was there for the day with his mom. Caspian was one year older than he was. They found many salamanders and parts of a crawfish. Caspian later put the crawfish claw in his brother’s hand as a surprise. The Congaree is very wide, and full of rocks. Toward dusk we saw some bats flitting above us. There is a TUBING and rafting business that takes people up river for a 2-3 hour float down to where we were and they get out. We enjoyed watching them come in. The boys may do the tubing float when our other daughter & her husband get here next week.

We then left there for a natural foods store & had smoothies or a natural orange juice, where a machine takes oranges and squeezes the juice out of them, mixing the juice with some water, for a delicious drink. After the hot afternoon outside, we were ready for it.

After that it was time to hit the Art Gallery for a poetry and music program, where the boys heard their grandpa read  poems, along with many friends. They enjoyed some of the performance artists and looking at all the paintings inside the art gallery. Grandma was nervous because of the price tags running anywhere from $900. to $3300. for items in the place! This brings up the question:

What price for ART?? Who decides that ART, the putting of paint to canvas, is something only RICH FOLK can enjoy?? Who decides that? IF I COULD PAINT, which unfortunately I cannot, I would once a month at least, GIVE AWAY as gorgeous piece of art to someone who cannot afford an original piece. Why not? You could even give it to a community center, or find some way to let the community enjoy it. If it gets destroyed, oh well. It still needs to go out there. Who can afford a $2000. painting for their own home? Really, who can afford such a thing? The beauty of the pieces was wonderful. I especially enjoyed a couple pieces with gorgeous, deep red poppies in a field of yellow, and sky. There were people on beaches, all sorts of art for some mysterious rich person’s walls. One gorgeous piece of birch trees and autumn leaves of red, orange and yellow, the paint in thick splotches all over it, had a price tag of something like $2500. To view it, you actually had to stand 20-30 feet away from it. I just thought, “Really. Who is going to walk in here and buy this for their living room wall or study?” I really cannot imagine such wealth. There was a unique table maybe 3′ by 2′ across, held up by a sculpted male figure underneath – pricetag, over $1600. Most people are struggling to pay their light bill, let alone contemplate where such a table could sit within their home.

We left there after 9pm, getting home around 10:30. Everyone was tired. Raven went straight to bed, as did my husband. Caspian & I stayed up for maybe 40 mins. more, listening to frogs loudly clicking and making noise on the pond, then all were asleep.

my solar eclipse photo

May 21, 2012

I took a 3-mi. walk shortly before the eclipse was to begin, which we would not be able to see here in South Carolina, because sundown happened at the same time the eclipse was to begin. Looking at the sun in the sky, I thought, “There you go sinking slowly before the moon reaches you,” and then I noticed a lovely little rainbow to the left of the sun, visible in the sky. What a lovely little gift for us who were not able to watch the eclipse!


family line through Graul to Schneider to Barber

May 18, 2012

To make a long story short, one side of a wife’s family line led back to England today. The Grauls of course are all German. Doesn’t take long to get to Germany. Hell even Dad’s mom, your grandma Alice spoke German until she went to public school.

Grandpa Albert Graul, or “Pops” as they called him, your dad’s grandpa, was the youngest of 8 children of Henry and Mary Graul. There is some family stories that Henry may have married twice, so everyone wonders if Mary is the mother to everyone. From what I’ve found so far, she is. Henry WAS married twice, first to Catherine Schneider, but 2 years later to Mary Schneider. Family stories say they were sisters. It looks likely, although I have not found record of a Catherine in the same family as Mary yet. But they have the same last name.
So, Henry is married to Mary Schneider in 1873 & all the 8 kids are born AFTER that, starting in 1876. Grandpa Albert Graul was born in 1895.
MARY’S family line is what I traced tonight.
Mary’s parents were John (Johann) Schneider (b.1806 in Germany, d.1882 near Mascoutah, IL) and Ann Barber (b. 1830 in New York, d.1894 near Mascoutah).
John Schneider was himself born in GERMANY so his name is Johann and that line leads to Germany just like the Grauls.
But ANN BARBER’S line is different. First of all, she is 25 years younger than John her husband. John Schneider is a successful miller. John and Ann have 4 kids, from what I have found so far. One is “Mary” whose actual name is Flora Maria.
ANN’s PARENTS are: Calvin D. Barber and Nancy Willis. Calvin was born in Connecticut in 1802. Nancy in Vermont in 1804.
To make a long story short, Calvin Barber’s family line appears to go WAAAAAY back to the 1600s in Connecticut……… if that makes sense……. and then to ENGLAND.
So, I have no idea if all of this is completely correct, but here it is:
relationship to you: 11th great grandfather of husband
Son of John
Son of Edward
Son of Thomas
Son of Samuel
Son of William
Son of William
Son of Luther
Son of John Calvin
Daughter of Calvin D.
Daughter of Ann Elizabeth
Son of Flora Maria
Daughter of Albert W.
Son of Alice Louisa

Ohlendorf and Graul

May 13, 2012

my husband’s family tree

AL’s family tree

from AL’s grandparents, Albert Graul and Elvira (Ohlendorf) Graul:
The roots are all back in Germany, except for one. Elvira’s parents were Louisa Stahl and Victor Ohlendorf.
LOUISA’s and VICTOR’s parents were all German-born.
Louisa’s parents were: Phillip Stahl and Margaretha Yoekel. Phillip and Margaretha have 4 children: George, Mary Eliza, Mary “Lisetta”, and Louisa.
Phillip dies in 1874. Margaretha remarries Charles Grossman. It is her 2nd marriage & his 3rd. He has a number of children & they seem to live with Margaretha and himself.
Plus, of course, Margaretha and Charles have 3 more children of THEIR OWN: Frederich, Mary, and John Henry.
Margaretha outlives both husbands. She dies late in 1920, living at the time with daughter “Lisetta”. She has quite the large headstone (the stand up monument-type), so Mr. Grossman evidently had money.
Margaretha Yoekel (1839 – 1920)
relationship to you: 2nd great grandmother of husband
Daughter of Margaretha
Daughter of Louisa E.
Daughter of Elvera Christina
Son of Alice Louisa
**Interesting realization of the day: Louisa, Margaretha’s daughter, who you already have photos of with her husband Victor, gets married at age 33. Victor is 27.
Louisa and Victor then proceed to have 6 kids in 9 years, one of whom is Elvira (AL’s Grandma Graul). their kids are: Clarence, Edna, Roy, Elvira, Margrette, Victor Jr.
Louisa is 42 years old when she gives birth to Victor Jr.
Clarence dies in 1935 at the age of 30. Edna dies in 1936 at the age of 30. Then mama LOUISA dies in 1936 ALSO. (disease?? don’t know)
(VICTOR, Louisa’s husband, lives to a very old age and dies in 1970.)
VICTOR’S PARENTS were Heinrich Christoph Ohlendorf and Margaret Sander Diemert. Both German immigrants.
on Grandpa Graul’s side: ALBERT GRAUL’S PARENTS WERE: Henry Graul and Mary Schneider. HENRY’s PARENTS were: JOHANN GRAUL (German immigrant) and Dorothea Ruschert Graul (German). They reportedly both die on a wagon train trip of disease — They both die in 1854. (The kids are young & given to another family to raise.)
ALBERT GRAUL’s mother’s parents were JOHANN SCHNEIDER (German immigrant), and ANN ELIZABETH BARBER. This Ann Elizabeth is the only NON-GERMAN and I do not have her roots traced yet.

REID family line

May 11, 2012
My grandma Mary Agnew, maiden name REID, who grew up in southern Indiana: Her line appears to trace right back to VERY CLOSE to where the AGNEWS settled in Scotland. This guy in the picture is supposedly ANDREW REID, born in this area of Scotland (Lanarkshire). The area the AGNEWS are from is just SW of there (Lochnaw).
Andrew Reid, b. in Glasgow, Lanarkshire Scotland immigrates to IRELAND and dies in IRELAND in 1712.
One of his sons, Alexander Reid, is born in Ulster, Ireland (1657), and dies in Lancaster, PA (1718).
Alexander’s son Thomas J. Reid is born and dies in Lancaster, PA. The line continues on and on and on, until my Grandma Mary Frances Reid, the mother of my father. I really do not know yet if this is all true, but here it is.
John Reid (1574 – 1665)
is your 10th great grandfather
Son of John
**Andrew Reid (1622 – 1712)**
is your 8th great grandfather
Son of Andrew
Son of Alexander
Son of Thomas J
Son of Thomas
Son of Alexander
Son of Thomas
Son of Alexander J.
Daughter of Charles S.
Son of Mary Frances
You are the daughter of John Thomas
Andrew REID 1622-1718