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The things that stay with you

April 23, 2012

The things that stay with you

These are the things that stay with you,
The Door locking tight behind you,
C.O.’s walking us two-by-two
Holding the hand of our partner,

Women, together, serving time,
Sitting in their cell block,
Training retired greyhound dogs
Who share their cell at night,

Others sit at sewing machines
Making prison clothes,
Busting into laughter, they joke about
the size of men’s boxer shorts
coming off their machines,

These are the things that stay with you,
A woman put her baby girl
In her car, at 3am,
Headed out to find the man
To sell her more cocaine,

Ran her car off the road and hit a tree,
Her baby girl flying through the front windshield
Never had a chance.

Another woman’s partner gave her HIV,
The father to her children,
She met him at the door,
Split his head wide open,
with her own two hands,

Got picked up on her 3rd charge for selling crack,
She didn’t care anymore,
Because what was there to live for?

Prison time gave her a chance
To decide to live again,

Their faces ever stay with me
As do those peering out of Lock Up
Where they sit 23 hours a day,
Eating meals in their cells
And reading the Bible,
While we peer back at them.

These are the things that stay with you,
Correctional officers with walkie talkies
Wait for the buzz that opens you once again
To the outside world,
To freedom,
To being able to sit, alone, in your car
And decide where you want to go,

While they go back within the walls,
Watch TV, if their bill is paid,
Lie down in their army cot,
Say a prayer for their loved ones at home,

And dream of doing
What we just did,
Walk straight out of hell.

CF Black 4-23-2012


I just wanna be Jennifer Hudson

April 13, 2012

I just wanna be Jennifer Hudson


I just wanna be Jennifer Hudson

Everyone looking at my FINE body,

50 lbs. less than I used to be

Prancing all around in a peacock strut,

I wanna go out for a 2-mile run

Feeling healthy and full of life,

Feel my lungs take in more and more air,

and Sprint all the way to the end,

In reality, I know how old I am,

I wouldn’t give up the wisdom I’ve gained,

We are always where we are for a reason,

Life is long, with many a season,

But sometimes you wonder,

How did I get here?

And who exactly is that, in the mirror?

You realize life is a precious gift,

You  look back wistfully at days gone past,

The question is not,

How much time do I have?

But more,

How to make each day better — than the last.

CF Black               04-13-2012