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late November in SC

November 20, 2011

Our heat is on. Nights have been in the 30s, which here means people stay home because “it’s too cold to go outside”. Cracks me up because up north, back home, this would be the time kids pray for, hoping it will snow! I’ve only in the last couple days taken my winter jacket out of the closet. Didn’t even wear it last night when we went out.

The stupid next-door dog is barking once again incessantly while I write this. Someone is undoubtedly walking around the pond. He will bark until they go all the way around. The family is gone to church so what do they care, they don’t have to hear it. There is no thought, here, of needing to bring animals inside. Cats run wild and there are many of them. It’s an animal paradise, never getting cold enough to freeze the pond. It would be an easy fix: No animal ownership if you live ON the pond, or requiring muzzled dogs if they are outside. But no, the people in the neighborhood association love dogs, own many dogs, and so this abuse continues.

I got sidetracked. Fall leaves have been BEAUTIFUL this year, proving my prediction wrong. Yellows and oranges, even reds, were breath taking and bright. The trees are now turning somewhat brown and leaves may fall — by the first of December. It’s a different climate, the timing is “off”. I can remember Halloweens in the snow, in Indiana, though usually it wasn’t quite that cold. But by the end of November? You betcha.

The weather won’t stay this cold. It will fluctuate, some days going up to the 50s, possibly even 60s & then  back down. We may see snow in December or January — which will accumulate and bring all the children out to play wildly, build a snowman in their yards — and it all disappears by noon. Snowmen left standing will melt by next day. It is really bizarre.

Tulips are never planted here. The ground doesn’t freeze enough to have them do well and come up in Spring. Flowers grow year-round. Pansies remain in bloom at the Statehouse through the winter.

A group of 3 small children are now seen fishing across the pond, a mother standing with them. They wear long pants and a light jacket, open in the front. One just wears a long-sleeved shirt. They REALLY, truly, have no idea what cold is. When I think of cold winds whipping through your coat like you have nothing on……. being snowed in for days………. starting the car 10 mins. before you leave and spending that time scraping ICE off car windows……. no they have no idea.



tests & difficulties

November 20, 2011

Without going through them, you really never learn. You never learn that this life is built on the “changes and chances of this world”. There are certain lessons learned by experience & you just can’t learn them elsewhere. Words don’t do it. After awhile you realize, nothing really matters but the bounties of God.

Going through this hard time, I have a tendency to turn away from God. I’m tired. I ask God, how long must we wait? We need an answer NOW, what do you expect us to do? We can’t go on this way forever. Which is true. Circumstances must change if this situation continues, but we will go on. We will go on to living in a new place. We will be forced to move in with one of our kids? Who knows, but God?? HOWEVER, we will go on, and life will continue for as long as it is supposed to.

Bottom line, if I can just go back to prayer, continually go back to prayer, those worlds of the spirit surround me. I know there is more than this world, I know there is a world of spirit, and God’s love continually surrounds me without ceasing. So putting this all together, what do I do with it? “Be still and know that I am God.” One of my favorite verses. Be still. And know that I am God. We are not God. Read the Book of Job and this is the final lesson. We are not God. We are in His hands. The promise is that no matter WHAT we are facing, His ever-present spirit is with us through it all. That is the promise. And we all know, He never promised us “a rose garden”.

‘Abdu’l-Baha once told a woman who was distraught and coming to Him for advice, You have been acting like a ship lost at sea, tossing and turning with the waves. Now be a strong ship — ride the waves. Direct your course through them and get to your destination.

That is a paraphrase. As I worry about our circumstances, I know that others are facing worse. If I turn my focus outward, there is a realization of opportunity of comforting others, and service. This life is never guaranteed circumstances. It is set up so that we all experience the changes & chances of this world, and learn not to depend on them for happiness. True happiness is reliance on the only foundation that is eternal, and that is the world of spirituality, our spirit.

This does not mean that there are circumstances in this world that should not improve, as greed and corruption bring untold needless pain and should be stopped. Oftentimes it is in the name of RELIGION! Or FOOTBALL (which for some is very similar)! NO EXCUSES for such behavior in the name of the law, religion, a school, football or any other. The world is sick with your excuses. The social world needs to be redesigned and reformed, and it will be eventually. We have enough food in this world to share and no one go hungry. We do not see the rest of the world as one humanity, or we would never allow this inequality to continue.

So from these ramblings, my point is that we are, in essence, spirit, and when we most feel like turning AWAY, that is when we most need to turn back towards spirituality. I don’t know how it all works, but I know the effect of prayer, and it is real. I know that we have to resolve our situation and no one else will do it for us. That is another reality. Receiving spiritual sustenance while doing that is most important and may lead us in a good direction. (These thoughts are rather haphazard and not clearly focused, but I will post them anyway…)

joyous news, such love

November 8, 2011

Today my son and daughter-in-law put aside their fears of miscarriage. Baby is 10+ weeks and developing perfectly normally. Such joy, such love, such a tiny little one, who has no idea how much she is already loved and cherished.

I feel it is a girl. For all mine & all my grandkids so far, I’ve always been right, even before ultrasound days, & with my daughter who never wants to know until the birth. Usually I never guess this early, but this one has ALWAYS been girl. If it changes, then it changes. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter. But this one is STRONG GIRL. That’s just how I feel.

hi Mommy hi Daddy