President Obama’s speech

The President addressed the nation tonight. He told the American people to call their Congressmen and women & tell them to quit playing games, raise the debt ceiling like it’s been done for every President throughout HISTORY UP TO TODAY, or we are in serious trouble. Then, his short speech ended & Boehner came on to get “equal time”! I was floored. Equal time? to the President? What does this mean? It means that our Congress, our out of touch, self absorbed elected “leaders” consider themselves SO COMPLETELY divided, that they believe the American people want to hear “both sides” because they are diametrically opposed to one another.

I cannot write in a blog the language I used in my own living room, but I have this to say to Mr. Boehner.

SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU. Who the “heck” do you think you are? Who are you serving? Who elected you? Who are your constituents? It certainly is not ME, one lowly worker whose husband just got laid off through no fault of his own. It’s not me you’re speaking to. You are obviously speaking to corporations, private companies who are mad its taken so long to let them take over and privatize Social Security and Medicare.

Go ahead guys, stop the presses, make it so the rest of the entire world looks over here and says, “Oh my gosh! The heck with their credit, they can’t even come to agreement enough to prevent a wholesale slaughter of their economy.” I got cold chills listening to tonight’s broadcast, because I realized, “It’s beyond the great divide. They are completely, totally divided, and they don’t care.” We are on our own, folks. We’re about to crumble and fall like a house of cards. We thought this last 3 year recession was bad, wait ’till we see what’s around the corner.

I would like to think that our Representatives will wake up and do something, even just for show, something to make it look like they care whether or not every social program in America is cut down to nothing. People are on the streets already, but the masses that could be there will be WAY beyond what we’re seeing today. Rather than people under the bridges and camped out in parks, we will see people dying in the streets en masse.

But I really don’t think they’re going to do anything. I think they are THAT FAR GONE. There is a point of no return, and it appears we are there. I believe Obama is one of the most progressive, far-sighted Presidents in our history, and could have taken us far. Perhaps we might have caught up somewhat with Europe and Asia. But they’re not going to let him do it. They are hell bent on stopping him, and they don’t care if they take down the whole country to do it.


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