Caldecotts 1967-71

It’s trying to rain but the rain, thunder and dark clouds just keep rolling on by. They don’t stop here.

Counting gender. Caldecotts of 1967-71:

Names in Titles of Books: 15 male, 3 female.

Main characters in titles of books: 12 male, 2 female.

Main character of stories: 17 males, 3 females, some of which are not in the title or front cover illustration.

Illustrations on front cover: 23 males, 5 females.

Illustrations on title pages: 18 male, 2 female.

Male “Single-gender” illustrations, meaning, the # of pictures where ONLY males or ONLY females are represented: 243.

Female ”    ”    ”   : 12.

Total # of MALES illustrated in ALL the pictures in the book: 642.

Total # of FEMALES  ”    ”    ”  : 131.

ROLES assumed byMALE characters in all the books:

Friend, rescuer, boy, son, father, brother,husband, friend, Angry Moon, Drummer, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, Major, General, Emperor, Monk, Evil men, Czar, Fool (hero), Peasant, Servant, prisoner, Moujik, Ancient old man, Storyteller, Sky God, Poet (hero), Hoodlums, Prophet, fisherman, blacksmith, miller, baker, carpenter, gardener, Chief, the Moon, and Water.

Males were also mice, donkeys, frog, toad, goat, dog, bear, cat, a magic lizard, a pig.

FEMALES were: friend (gets rescued), daughter, sister, wife, mother, Grandmother, princess, prisoner, carpenter, gardener, teacher, seller of fish at market, the Moon (Sun’s wife), a fairy, a Sea maiden, a doll.

Females were also donkey, pig.

In 18 books, 4 were completely animal stories, 5 more had both animals and human characters with gender, and 8 had magical characters of some kind.


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