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fam. history Al’s side

December 31, 2010

Just posting this to keep a record somewhere. This is my husband’s side.

It appears that John Black, father of Fremont Elam Black, father of Earl Black Dad’s grandpa Black, served in the Union army for Illinois in 1861. Not enough time to finish this today– John Black is the one who Grp Black says was a traveling preacher. His WIFE Mary Jane Elam– is buried in northern Arkansas. He probably is also. Oddfellow cemetary, Phillips county. She died in 1893, supposedly of the measles. 
John Black’s wife’s name was Mary Jane Elam, hence the middle name of “Elam” for their son Fremont. John Black dies in Arkansas. Next time Jamal & Shelly go there maybe they can find his gravesite.

This is the grave marker for JAMES ELAM, father of Mary Jane Elam Black, mother of Fremont Elam Black, father of Earl Black, father of Chester Black.
It’s in Bentonville cemetary, Arkansas. 

                                                                    The Elam family traced back to “New Jersey” in the 1700s, which I don’t think makes a whole lotta sense, but let me know, and then to England. It goes like this:
James Elam married to Marinda Sharp (from NC)
Marinda’s parents were LEVI SHARP (which sounds Jewish) and Margaret Coffee.
Levi Sharp’s parents were Allen Sharp and Elizabeth Haines.
Allen Sharp’s parents were William Sharp (born in England) and Rebecca Allen.
William Sharp’s mother is reportedly Jemima Eastlack, or Eastleak, and she was born in Bermuda—- but there is a marriage record, so she was not a slave. It gets really confusing when you get back this far, there are usually mistakes, such as children listed to a mother past her death date. I try to be careful not to add BS like that. 
 Like the Agnews, the family where there is a dead end at the moment, is the Morgans. After Julia’s parents, I have -0-.



December 29, 2010

This is an Indiana week. There is snow on the ground the entire time we’re here. Haven’t seen any new snow, it just comes & stays, never melts.

Have spent the last 2 nights at my daughter’s, sleeping in Caspian’s bed. He sleeps on the couch. For him it’s a big treat. Was sick Tues. all day, feeling better today. Have not hardly been out of this house for 2 days. We are getting ready to leave for Al’s parents again.

Nothing much happening, just sitting around at relatives. World going by. Sat. we leave for home.

Our daughter is enjoying a fast, new computer, courtesy of us and 1 of our sons. She is working as a fork lift truck driver, gets to work by 6:30am daily.

Have done more work on fam. history while here, it is mind boggling at this point, expanding everywhere. No end to it, and no siblings or parents of James Agnew yet. Next project is to try to find living relatives my age who may know something– anything– which will be a link to any of his siblings. Those siblings will link me to which family line he is from that I see on old census records. It is quite the puzzle.

Have lost faith in political systems of the world. We rec’d a new 16-page document from the Universal House of Justice this week, which is amazingly significant in itself. Why now? Why at the end of 2010? Who knows.

Haven’t walked one mile all week.

leaving for Indiana

December 22, 2010

We leave for Indiana early in the morning. I don’t really feel like we are leaving…. it was in the 60s here in SC today, don’t really want to leave. Our house is not cleaned, clothes still need packed, Al is hibernating upstairs as usual and we haven’t really talked much. Leaving until after New Yr’s!

JAMES AGNEW descendants

December 22, 2010

Today I worked sideways, working from James Agnew down, to us his descendants. The family of Gertrude Myrtle are all out in AZ and CA.

My research for today was on the siblings of John Wesley, my grandfather. So for all of these people, their parents were James and Carrie Agnew from New Albany:
WILLIAM ROBERT, b.1880, no recorded death date.
He married Jennie Mentz, they had 1 child named Francis (don’t know if it is M or F).
He signed up for WWII service at age 62. At that time, he lived in Indianapolis.
**Robert was married 2-3X. Wife names I’ve found: Minnie E., Helen, Martha. I think Minnie died in 1910. There is a NEW JAMES AGNEW found in 1910, 4 yrs. old, living w/ Carrie (head of household, age 49), William Robert, Frederick, Alfred, John & Gertrude. They’re ALL there, except elder James who died in 1906. So little 4-yr-old James is evidently the SON of William Robert, who becomes “ROBERT W.” in the 1920 census, with 13-yr-old son “James F.” This may be the Francis above. Perhaps James Francis…? Maybe he hated that middle name as much as I always did.
In 1920, Robert W. & wife Martha (older than Robert) and James age 13 live together. There are 2 other people listed as “daughter” and “son” w/ different last name, perhaps earlier children of wife Martha.
JAMES GARFIELD, b. 1882, died as a baby at 6 mos. old.
FREDERICK LOUIS, b.1883, d.1951 at age 68.
Married to Edna. They only had ONE child, Irene, who was from a previous marriage of HIS.
WWI and WWII veteran, signed up at ages 35 and 58.
Edna his wife, was a laundress.
ALFRED EDWARD, b.1886, d.1948 at age of 61.
married to Effie. They have 3 boys:
   Edward Leonard (“Bud”)–dies at age 40 (heart attack) in 1954. RAN A NEWSPAPER in New Albany, “The Observer”. Was well known and well-liked in New Albany.
—— Bud and his wife have 5 kids: Patricia, Susan, EDWARD LEONARD JR., JAMES, and ROBERT (Bobby). Bud’s mother survived his and her husband’s deaths.
** Bud’s son’s lines are the only other possibility for AGNEW male line to continue. I don’t have info. on them yet.
   Casper E.–dies in WWII, has 1 daughter, Sandra. Leaves for war when she is 1 month old.
   Chester, died as a child at age 4.
JOHN WESLEY, my grandpa, b.1892, d.1952 at age 59 (heart attack).
   married Mary Reid, they have 2 children: my dad John Thomas, and Margaret Ruth.
* As we know from this line, Jonathon, Jim’s son is the only male descendant w/ the last name AGNEW.
She dies at age 43, I don’t know what of. Had 6 kids, last name WORLEY.
They had 6 kids, but I know of 5.
–Lois Margaret, marries Willie Wiley, they have 2 kids.
–William Howard, has 1 son, “James William”. (This would be James William WORLEY.)
–Lorena Maxine, marries Robert Ray, they have 2 boys.
–Robert Burl, they have 2 boys & a girl.
–Norma Mae, marries Derek Dickerson from Britain, they have 3 kids,
   Denise Ann, William Derek and Richard Leslie (Dickerson).

JAMES AGNEW complete file

December 21, 2010

This is the current file of information I have on James Agnew. The only for sure place I KNOW is our James Agnew begins w/ his marriage in 1879. All else comes from many various documents & records, as well as a family letter.

File on James Agnew, my great-grandfather

James Agnew b. July 10, 1841

I rec’d a letter from Norma Agnew ________, daughter of Gertrude Agnew, my grandpa John Agnew’s twin sister, years ago. In that letter, she lists his birth date definitely as July 10, 1841. This is the only record I have of his birth date, as it never shows up anywhere else, so far. I once wrote Norma when I started researching family history again. The letter did not come back, but I rec’d no reply. She used to communicate w/ my mother.

1850 census, James should be 8.

Shows up in Fulton, Hamilton County, Ohio census, a James age 8. He is listed at bottom of census page, name showing incorrectly as “Agnewe”,

Family is further up the page: James age 38, “ship carpenter”, b.Ohio, (1812?)

Mary (“H.”?) Agnew, age 22, b.PA, (1828?)

Alfred Agnew, either age 1 or 7 (can’t read the age),

SAMUEL AGNEW, age 72! b.PA (If he is 72, he was born 1778)

Further research on Samuel Agnew brings me to one who was a physician & died of dysentery— but supposedly in NOVEMBER 1849. Record says, “persons who died during year ending June 1st, 1850. In that case, it cannot be the Samuel Agnew in the 1850 census which was done Aug.2, 1850. Very frustrating.

—Where do this James & Mary go from here in 1850?

1860 census

William Agnew, no wife, with James age 18 (b.1841-42), Ann  age 15 (b.1845), and Jennet age 12 (b.1848). Living in Hamilton County Ohio, P.O. FULTON.

Jennet shows up in later records around Cincinnati area, as “boarder”. (records from Cinci public library)

Public library says a William Agnew died in 1868—don’t know where they got this record?

1870 census

A James “A.” Agnew is married to a Mary C. Agnew in New Albany, Indiana. They have 2 children, Annie age 5, and Clith age 3. He says he “drives a team”.

(IS this a different James Agnew, born same year as ours, in Ohio & ending up in New Albany the same as ours?? Did Mary & children die in a fire or something??)

1879: OUR JAMES AGNEW for sure, married Carrie Bybee, in New Albany, Indiana. James is in his late 30s, Carrie is 18 years younger than he.

1880 census

In New Albany, James and Carrie live at 207 Market St., and have a 2-month-old son, Robert, born in April. James was unemployed 3 mos. of the past year & lists himself as a painter. He says his parents were both born in England. Carrie lists her father as born in Indiana, her mother in Kentucky.

They later have: Fred (b.1883), Edward (b.1886), and John Wesley and Gertrude Myrtle, twins, b. Aug.17, 1892.

John Wesley is my Grandpa Agnew, father of my father.

The 1890 census was destroyed in some fire, I believe.

He is listed in 1888-89 city directory of New Albany as a painter at 117 East 4th St.

In the 1900 census, the twins are 7 years old. Carrie is listed as “Clerry”. She is 40, James is 58. They have been married 21 years. He lists his own birthplace as Ohio, July 1841. He says his father was born in Virginia, his mother in Germany. I think he is flat out lying.

They live at 323 East 4th St., New Albany, IN.

James Agnew dies from a 20-ft. fall off a ladder, where he was painting a house with his son, June 27, 1906. It says his injuries were so extensive, he only lived a few minutes after falling. He had a fractured skull, several ribs and his arm were broken. In this death record, his birthplace is listed as Indiana (*I don’t think so.) His father’s NAME is listed as JAMES AGNEW. Mother’s name and birthplace are listed as UNKNOWN. Carrie is not listed, but she was still alive. She may have already been committed to the Madison County Insane asylum, which is where she died in 1916.

On his gravestone it lists his birth date as July 7, 1841. This may be where the date came from in the family letter.


I’m about reaching my limit on James Agnew. It is too confusing & frustrating. I need to hire an expert.

In an 1850 census, an 8-yr-old James shows up, at the bottom of a census page. He belongs w/ a family further up the page. He was somehow left out in their first interview, evidently, & added as an afterthought. A * beside his name links him to a bunch of Agnews further up the page: James, age 38; Mary A. age 22; and Alfred, age 1 or 7 (can’t read it).

There is also a “Samuel Agnew” age 72.

In the transcription, Agnew ends up as “AGNEWE” for little James, as the lady writing his name puts a curly-Q at the end of her “W”.

So I thought I’d research James & Mary, & perhaps Samuel.

In NO 1850 census search do these James, Mary &/or Samuel Agnew show up…….. on their own……… I do not know what that means. I also search for James, Mary and Samuel Agnewe just in case. Nothing. Are their names transcribed somehow differently? Who the heck are they? Why is James at the bottom of the page? I am at a loss.

At some point, our real James Agnew says his father’s name was James. Could this be his father? (They are in Hamilton County, Ohio.)

There are 3 JAMES AGNEWs born about the time this “father of little James”, who immigrated to America when they were around 30 years old. One was from England, one from Scotland, one from Ireland……… Nothing else is told in the immigration record, so it’s not enough to connect any of them. But more than likely, our James could be one of them. If I could find that one of those 3 James Agnew’s then went to OHIO, that’s probably our guy.

What this DOES tell us is that there are at least 3 James Agnew’s who immigrated to the US, and who were all born about the same time. Each of them would have a different family line emerging.

It’s very frustrating. One thing I need to do is see when he first shows up in New Albany, Indiana. That is just one more clue, because that is the ONLY place I KNOW that is OUR real James Agnew– the one in New Albany. (So any record of our James Agnew has to connect with whenever he entered New Albany.)  The first record I have of OUR REAL James Agnew that I KNOW is our James Agnew, is his marriage to Carrie in 1879. He was 38. (The question mark is his life before age 38.) 


This is the last I will share about our James Agnew for awhile. He likely served in the 2nd infantry regiment of OHIO, in the UNION Army, which formed near Cincinnati, at Camp Dennison. They signed up for 3 years.

James signed up on 27 July 1861. They fought many battles throughout KY, TN & GA, the last one in 1864. They were released from service 28 April 1864. James Agnew is listed as surviving the war.

The only bit of information that does not gel is, he is listed as age 19. Our James, according to the birthdate on his gravestone, would’ve been 20. This is not significant, because his birthdate when he enlisted, is said to be “about 1842”. So it is not exact.

The entire story of the regiment with all the battles fought, is something I have. If you want a copy, I can send it. (Saved as a file.)

There is a “James A. Agnew” listed as living in New Albany, married to Mary C., w/ children Annie & Clith, by 1870. Then our James shows up as marrying Carrie Bybee, 20 yrs. his junior, in 1879. Same person?? First family disappear somehow?? This is why I have to look in the New Albany city directory, which is only in New Albany public library.

I do have his gravesite and gravestone photo.

Agnew family history

December 20, 2010

Well, if this is correct I found a distant relative in the first census ever done, & he owned 2 slaves. In Rockingham, North Carolina, a John Owen, great great great grandfather of my Grandma Mary (Reid) Agnew. I wonder how he might feel about my Kenyan-American son-in-law?
It’s all very confusing. I’ve worked on leads on James Agnew all day long & they led to nowhere. There is a new lead that his father was also named James Agnew & not William. There is a James Agnew married to a Mary Agnew, w/ a son James, in Ohio. Interesting point is James, age 8 in 1850, which fits our James, is listed kind of as an “afterthought” at the bottom of the census page. The * next to his name leads further up the page to James & Mary. James & Mary have another child either age 1 or age 7 (can’t read it), named Alfred.
Confusing part is I’ve never run into James & Mary before, & in 1860, there is a James Agnew 10 yrs. older (age 18 now) living with William Agnew (no wife), in the Cincinnati area.
Both entries are near Cincinnati, in Hamilton County Ohio.

Graul family history

December 19, 2010

This is from my husband’s side:

addressing my kids here:
Albert Graul is your dad’s grandpa Graul.
His parents were Henry and Mary (Schneider) Graul.
Mary’s given name was Maria.
Maria’s parents were: JOHN and ANN (Barber) Schneider.
In the 1870 census, Maria is 16 years old, as she was born in 1854.
JOHN, her father, was 64 years old in 1870. ANN, her mother, was 39.
Maria had an older sister, Mary, who was 22; and an older sister Martha, in 1870.
This means that when the first child, Mary, was born, the father, John (Johann, actually), was 42 yrs. old and the mother, Ann, was 17.  Johann was born in Germany. So Albert Graul was German on both sides……. from the GRAUL side and also his MOTHER’s (Schneider) side. Ann Elizabeth Barber was born in NEW YORK.
In the 1850 census, a “Calvin D. Barber” and his wife Nancy, lived next door to Johann and Ann, & they had their 1st daughter, Mary. (Maria was not yet born.) I’m guessing Calvin and Nancy are Ann’s parents. CALVIN and JOHN (Johann) ARE MILLERS. Johann 2o yrs. later has property valued at $20,000, in 1870………..

family history

December 17, 2010

This is a good place to post family history to come back to later. Perhaps someone will make a book of it someday. My part is doing the research.

Shadrack Turner, 1720-1784, Virginia. Evidently some kind of person with a position in the community. This is an entry about him. I don’t even understand what I am reading, some sort of public record:

Source Information: A history of Henry County, Virginia : with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens and genealogical histories of h [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005. Original data: Hill, Judith Parks America.. A history of Henry County, Virginia : with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens and genealogical histories of half a hundred of its oldest families. unknown: unknown, 1925.

Index to enrolled bills pertaining to Henry County in the general assembly of Virginia from 1776 to 1910.

“Shadrack Turner for use of his horse and 9 diets to Captain Robell’s Camp Company ordered out against the Tories: also for 4 diets and 15 lbs. Fodder to Colonel Crockett’s regiment.”

Shadrack is the great-great-great grandfather (through her mother, Cora Belle Owens) of Mary Frances Reid Agnew, my grandma Agnew.

I notice another person seems to always appear alongside him: Meshack Turner. They are also listed in Magazine of VA Genealogy,v.23n1, under “Lankford’s List, for “Oaths of Allegiance, 1777, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, p.6.” 

The magazine was publ. actually in 1985, a historical magazine for the purpose of genealogy records. FASCINATING, these are “OATHS OF ALLEGIANCE” that swear loyalty to the Commonwealth of VA. and RENOUNCES allegiance to King George III! Anyone who refused to take this oath were subject to being disarmed, could not serve on juries, hold office, sue for debts, or purchase land.