I am now back in Hoosierland for another week & 1/2. Still trying to get AL here for the wedding, trying to work out finances. I came to return Raven & Caspian to their home. Family niece’s wedding July 30th.

Will hopefully have time to work on family history while here, but it’s amazing how the time goes flying by, especially when J. has no internet. I am currently sitting in a Starbucks. I may go to a public library or Purdue to use public access to a printer. Thinking of leaving here now for an Arni’s Jr. w/blue cheese & garlic bread– pure and total delight! One of the finest enjoyments of life.

I hate having no home of my own, being without a place to hang my clothes, things like that. It’s always trying to be out and far from home. I’ve been this way all summer.

What strikes me about being back in Indiana:

  • It is not hot. Not after South Carolina. People here have sweaters on and it’s summer. You dont wear sweaters in July in SC.
  • The weather still sucks. It’s been raining off & on since I got here.
  • Flat land and corn. I still love the flat land and corn fields. It feels like home every time.
  • I still feel like I’m going to see my mom, and feel like I need to call her.

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