Beach house JL13

TUES., July 13, 2010

 We are having quite a more relaxed day today, since everyone except Jean has a sunburn and we are doing other things besides the beach. We plan to go swim in about an hour which will be 4:00, until about 6pm but that is all.

 This morning Leah took Zakiah to a free kid’s program on turtles at a community center. I took Caspian to go search for a post office or mailbox and mail some bills which I meant to mail in Chapin before we left town! There are no mailboxes here. Fireworks are not allowed on the beach, and some streets do not allow cars. Ocean Isle is a small, peaceful beach town, a few restaurants and surf shops, 2 groceries and 2 drug stores, that’s about it. I finally found a post office about 4 mi. from our beach house. This house cost us about $1000. for the week, with 8 people in the house. We have spent about $100. on one surf shop gift visit; $100. eating out for dinner last night; and $100 on groceries. We are done spending. There is a planetarium and small museum which cost some money. We may go to the planetarium laser light show once. Other than that, eating out is going to be at the burger joint down the street until we leave Sat morning.

 The waves are incredible. Everyone is enjoying them. I held Naylah for about an hour yesterday while Leah went out. Everyone is having fun. I worry about a drowning every minute we are there. I am just determined not to have any accidents. Raven goes way out and Caspian, who I DIDN’T THINK would be so daring, is TOTALLY out there. I instituted a “buddy system” so Raven and Caspian cannot be in the water without a buddy. If their buddy comes in, then they have to come in. Yesterday, toward the end of our 4 hours on the beach, Caspian went out too far. He suddenly went out 10 ft. beyond where anyone else was, and it was TOO far. Levin swam after him, Caspian then got back in and out of the water, but Levin had trouble getting back in. It was that far out. That is the worst fear of a week at the beach. So Caspian was done for the day and everyone was really upset w/ him. Jean got ahold of him on the beach and prevented his return to the water, and we all got out.

 I had a good half hour to an hour w/ Zakiah at the end of the afternoon just playing in the water and having fun. Zakiah has lost his fear of the waves and would easily be out too far for him as well, without a buddy. I looked over once and saw his feet straight up in the air, and his face down under. He got a mouth full of salt that time.

 Managed today to have Raven, Caspian and Zakiah plan a feast with me, and tonight we are hosting our own family Feast of Words for the Baha’I month beginning today. All of the readings mention the ocean and water. “Immerse yourselves in the ocean of My Words…”  We have ice cream, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for refreshments. Caspian is singing Blessed is the Spot, Zakiah is saying O God Guide Me, and Raven picked out a few readings. I am looking forward to it.

 Al’s old friend RUDY is here right now, came to visit and talk over old times. I think he lives about an hour away.


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