big cities

We just read “Metropolis and Mental Life” by Georg Simmel in theory class last week. Some students told me the largest city they’ve been to was Columbia (size of a medium city of 70,000 or so). Simmel lived in Berlin which had 4 Million people in the early 1900s when he was there. He spoke of the fast-paced lifestyle, and having to live minute to minute, the necessity of a pocket watch. 🙂

large cities I’ve seen, mostly for a sociology conference but not all:

Toronto, Canada (beautiful people, very metropolitan, lots of browns and tans in skin color, and mixtures of Asian/Black/various places. Downtown area the most beautiful I’ve seen. Huge hotel w/rooms overlooking professional baseball games, very artsy downtown. Walked the city and into a neighborhood where people had tiny front yards and no backyards, and they grew vegs. in their tiny front yards. Could buy a ginger beer on the street.

Windsor, Canada, where they have bright red mailboxes instead of blue, just across the river from Detroit

Chicago (a city I knew pretty well)

Philadelphia, lived there when I was 13-16

New York (Sbarros and Empire state bldg., Statue of Liberty, people on the streets, many languages, vendors lining the streets selling stuff)

Washington DC, sociology conference, Leah & I walked the city, Vietnam Vet memorial, Capitol bldg. my favorite.

Cincinnati and Cleveland, OH

Atlanta, GA

(Indianapolis of course)


Milwaukee, our son works there

New Orleans now (brilliantly different from any other)

Charleston, SC (on the coast, old city, remnants of slave culture of the south, Civil War times, the ocean, Hyman’s restaurant – good seafood)

Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina


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