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walking in South Carolina

June 30, 2009

Al and I have started taking a 3-mile walk every night, usually just before the sun goes down. We walk to the end of the road in front of our house, which ends in a dead end. Along the way this time of year, cicadas are making their loud calling, we see and hear different kinds of birds, and sometimes, something else happens.

Tonight I saw and heard movement in the thick woods on the side of the road. We walked on. On the way back, I saw an animal cross the road far ahead. It looked like either a large dog, or a small deer. Getting closer, we saw it again, peering out, about to cross the road. It was a small fawn. Just large enough not to be spotted. We were too far away to see it closely, but we saw it.

In today’s state newspaper, there was a story of a small black bear being spotted in someone’s back yard, in the county SOUTH of here. With all the forest and woods around us, I’m sure it could be in our back yard next time.



June 29, 2009

roseI have always loved perfume. Scent matters to me. I love roses, red roses especially. My 2nd favorite is lilacs, then hyacinths for flowers. Favorite perfumes currently are Sand & Sable, Candid from Avon, Lily of the Valley, Wind Song. Timeless from Avon reminds me of my mom’s perfumes so I like it as well.

My mother was a saver. She always had 20-25 bottles of perfume, none of which I was allowed to touch. She also had soaps she never used, and about 30 bottles of powder that sat unopened. One of the pure delights for me, since her passing, is inheriting these collections of sweet-smelling things, and being able to open them and use them at will. None of them are worth 2 cents. It is just a joy for me to have and use them.

Michael Jackson + more

June 27, 2009

MJI have been truly sad at the loss of Michael J. I feel he was one
of the few great artists of all time. He also had a gentle heart.
Many idiosyncracies and probably addicted to pain meds. I do
not believe he molested children. As a performer, he could not
be beat and it is sad his concerts scheduled for London will
never be seen. But it is what it is. His love for humanity and
all living things shines through in his music, Man in the Mirror
being the greatest. Earth song also great. Many love and fun
songs where his power of performance is just exquisite. We
will miss Michael in this world. So many are heart broken at this

I am spending lots of time at home and terribly bored. But things
have to be sorted through in this next month, before our busy
end of July and visit again to Indiana!

Today I spent time typing up a family history page for good old
James Agnew, so far the patriarch of our family tree! It takes
LOTS of time and I’m glad I signed up to for a
full year. But during the school year my time will be very

Then came to my office for the past 3 hours and sorted through
junk & papers from umpteen classes. I’m actually finally
organizing 10 years worth of graduate school papers, books,
and odds & ends. All the course I’ve taught over the past 6
years. It is excrutiating. But very good to have it all finally in
my own office. What fun.

Will probably paint my delapidated office this summer sometime.
I don’t know whether or not to ask permission or to just DO IT.
They don’t care & they haven’t painted it in 20-odd years. I’m
contemplating a light lilac, then put up my print that says
“Excellence” with some lilac tints, & a picture of a whale diving,
up on the wall. It’s an odd but inspiring print I found at
Goodwill one time, and it inspired me all through writing my
dissertation last summer.

The sun is going down and I am going home, maybe to take an
evening walk with my honey. Temps are near 100 during the days
but cooler at night.

blah day

June 24, 2009

This is a rather blah day. My husband was studying for some kind
of test he has to take for his job. He cannot start the job yet
because they did not give him his headset/microphone piece we
await in the mail. I had to leave the house because he needed
complete quiet in order to study.

Everything is feeling irritating to me today. But it’s okay.
There are such days.

I am tired of the little place where we live, want to know when
Al’s 1st paycheck will be, want to be cruising at our new
income level, want him to get it together to start actually
working, and all the stuff I have to do this month sounds too
boring to me. So it goes.

Came into my office and re-organized my books as a start.
Did a little work on Guess I will go home tonight
and watch TV w/ my hubby.

study circles

June 23, 2009

I miss sharing heart to heart at study circles. Bahai’s have a workshop-type of “study” where we go through a book together, study Holy Writings, dissect their meaning and what they mean to us, pray together, share thoughts, play games, study the lives of the Prophets, memorize some of our favorite passages together. It brings a group close together in spirit.

Going to a Baha’i Center for a monthly meeting, even with prayers, doesn’t even come close. It is like going to church and sitting, vs. a prayer meeting. Even getting together at a feast in a home for formal readings and prayers is not the same. In a study circle, you meet weekly, you are committed to finishing the book together, and somehow it opens hearts to each other. I haven’t felt that for a year now, and it is greatly missed.


June 20, 2009

If this house in Chapin works out for us, I am so excited to think of having a real home, one that we can settle in for years to come. I didn’t want to move to Chapin. On the census, it is nearly all white. However, there are many good things about it. It is right on the lake (the big lake, Lake Murray). Some houses in the edition have lakefront property and are worth $350,000 or more. I have had a personal dream to own a pontoon or some type of boat and be able to go out on the water! It is NEW, the whole neighborhood wasn’t built whenever google did their satellite picture thing! (Only the streets show up as dirt roads.) The house inside is spic and span new. Walls and carpet are gorgeous. The main bedroom is downstairs, which we will need in years to come. It is large, closets are large. There are 2 full bathrooms and another 1/2 off the kitchen. There are quite a lot of cabinets in the kitchen. — Still not like the Indy house, nothing could match that! I couldn’t even fill those cabinets.

The pond in back right off our backyard is larger than the one in Indy. I haven’t seen ducks or life on it yet, but there should be something?? It has a walkway around it. Then the clubhouse meeting room, swimming pool and large playground make it a wonderful place for grandkids to visit, and possible meetings or children’s virtue classes. All in all, lots of great things about it.

The people there come to the lake from various places so it has more openness and diversity that way than Newberry. My husband is ancy to get our showers taken and go to Columbia to catch a matinee when movies are cheaper. So I need to go now…


June 19, 2009

My younger brother’s birthday. Need to buy a card & mail it yet today. I don’t like e-cards, somehow too impersonal for a birthday. They vanish into thin air. Maybe because my grandmother on my mom’s side saved every card she ever got, and in fact I still have some of those in boxes, I cannot bring myself to send e-cards.

Al got his new computer in the mail today so he will soon be working.

Still stuck on James Agnew. I think he was married twice. He shows up in the New Albany census in 1870 married to “Mary C.” with 2 children, Anna and Clith(?). Then he is listed as marrying Carrie Bybee in 1879, which is the union my grandfather & his twin sister came out of, as they were born in 1892 — later children in this marriage. Unless there were 2 James Agnews in New Albany, both saying they were born in Ohio, they are the same guy. One answer would be to see the New Albany city directory or phone books of the era.

However, James Agnew’s birth place remains unsettled. He says he was born in Ohio. There was a William Agnew near Cincinnati, who has a son names James around 1841, when my great-grandfather James was born in Ohio. But how do I validate that these are the same person? I have to find something on *my* James Agnew that lists his parents. Marriage certificate *might* do it, if they were still alive & if it lists the groom’s parents.

I was going to put a quote from the Baha’i writings in some of my posts, just because the Baha’i writings are uplifting and beautiful. I have none for this post, but will just post one from something I read last night:

“Would that pure and stainless hearts could be found, that I might impart unto them a sprinkling from the ocean of knowledge which My Lord hath bestowed upon Me, so that they may soar into the heavens even as they walk upon the earth and speed over the waters even as they course the land, and that they may take up their souls in their hands and lay them down in the path of their Creator.” — Baha’u’llah, “Gems of Divine Mysteries.”

family tree

June 18, 2009

I am blown away. Signed up to and started my summer project of researching the family tree. It is 3:15am! I am in awe of what I have found in the past few hours. Census records, death dates, some name changes, siblings of my grandfather. I learned my great-grandfather Agnew’s wife was 18 years his junior, and she had 6 children, 5 of whom lived, one of whom was my grandfather and he had a twin sister. Her name was Myrtle and according to the census records, she had a baby boy at age 14 and named him after her father. Family history is really weird.

James Agnew, my great-grandfather, said in the 1880 census that both his parents were born in England. Then in the1900 census he reported that his father was born in Virginia and his mother in Germany! What was he doing, being a disgruntled old man and making up stories? I know nothing of his parents– not their names, nothing. This doesn’t help. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this search!

Beauty of South Carolina

June 17, 2009

The beauty of South Carolina is breath taking. It always strikes me as odd that this was one of the 1st colonies of the country, and yet it is nearly all undeveloped. Forests abound everywhere. It is a state of small towns, most of them having an ice cream place, a pizza parlor, and maybe a few others stores, plus all claiming a “historic downtown area”. Across the street from our house I have seen a group of 5 deer running together. Seeing a deer cross the road is now almost commonplace. I never saw a deer until about 5 years ago, but down here they are common.

The pines are everywhere. Driving from one town to another is to pass acres and acres of untouched pines and forest. Flowering trees start in Feb./March. There are now apples turning red on the trees in our front yard, and it is mid-June. At a farmer’s market we were told they would have corn starting next week! In Indiana we always had a saying for growing corn: “Knee-high by the 4th of July”. Here, it is done and grown and being sold by the end of June.

Water lily at Table Rock lake

June 17, 2009