End of semester

July 17, 2018
End of semester
3 hours of sleep
all is graded
assignments, essays
and extra credit,
Finals await the morning sun,
They sit in my office
all alone,
Soon they will come
to do their best
the last jokes, laughter,
and second guesses,
Then all disperse
to worlds unknown
while ghosts of their words
No more required
for those who came
to ever meet again.
      cfblack 07-17-2018

This you will not be forgiven for

June 19, 2018

This you will not be forgiven for.

Not this.

Nor will any one of us who does not speak up for them.

This. Butchering of hearts.

This lack of compassion.

This unthinkable act of human barbarity.

We did this once.

We sold children from their mothers.

This bragging of idiots defending atrocity.

This little one. Right here. She is everything we stand for.

She is the world come crashing down on us.

She will never be the same.

Nor will I.

cfblack  06-19-2018


Split pea soup

June 7, 2018

Put in slow cooker: 1 pkg split peas, rinsed & drained

2 c. diced, cooked ham

3 carrots

1/2 c. onions

2 bay leaves, celery, 2 cloves garlic, 12-15 sprigs fresh parsley

Add 1 1/2 quarts chicken broth (for me, after cooking a whole chicken

add the smaller, shredded pieces of chicken

some frozen spinach

Cook for 10 hours on low.

Remove split peas as best you can, put in blender and blend, add back into soup. Makes it thicker. If needed, add some corn starch to thicken more.

salt and pepper, a bit of basil, oregano, chives

split pea



June 6, 2018


You know this feeling,

it comes after you go back to work.

Body aches to go to bed,

but you just finished

loading dishwasher,

pulling chicken off bone,

making soup,

lunches for tomorrow.

What shall it be?

Chapter 1 review,

or head hitting pillow immediately?

Half hour of reading,

Clock hits midnight,

Coach turns to pumpkin,

Good night.

cfblack 06-05-18


Salmon and Greek salad

May 30, 2018

I didn’t make this but will make it at home!

Deliciously seasoned, blackened salmon,

over lettuce salad with carrots, tomato, black olive, and Feta,

oil & vinegar seasoned dressing.

salmon and Greek salad.jpg

Beef stew with spinach

May 30, 2018

Brown stew meat in pan with seasonings, chopped onion, green pepper,

put in crockpot,

Add mushroom soup and sweet potato pieces,

Layer spinach over the top.

Cook on high for 2-3 hours.

Stw beef

to my mother

May 18, 2018

I try to imagine, being you,

born in the roaring twenties,

Taking out seams to make clothes fit

during the Great Depression.

Your parents quit school at age 12,

to earn money to help out at home,

They didn’t want you to suffer their fate,

so no matter what,

you felt blessed.

You met my father at age 16,

he was 4 years older than you,

and from that day on,

your life became

whatever it took to advance HIS career.

You never balanced a checkbook,

never worked outside the home,

Your friends were his academic colleagues,

never a friend of your own.

You never advanced past high school,

while he earned a PhD,

No one thought in the “baby boom”

a woman could advance herself.

My father’s career took off

and the poor boy became a Dean,

while you kept house, raised kids, and cleaned,

gave dinner parties on weekends.

But once he died so early,

at 50, was suddenly gone,

His friends dropped you like a hot potato,

and were not there for you.

Your life did not foster within you

a sense of your own strength,

Your life was focused on his success,

and now you were alone.

The next years were all a blur

as you turned to alcohol,

your kids all had to fend for themselves

to make it as they could.

To succeed in your recovery,

as any addict knows,

you have to center on yourself

because you have one goal.

At age 63 you did this,

and never once relapsed,

this, in itself, showed us all

how truly strong you were.

Mothering is never perfect,

neither mine, nor yours,

One thing that I always knew

was that I was deeply loved.

It helps me to imagine

all the things that you went through,

I hope you had enough time

to develop who you were,

Our lives were very different,

but what I learned from you

is a woman can do anything

she sets her own mind to.

I balance my own checkbook,

I work outside the home,

so another thing you taught me

is to have a backup plan.

Mother/Daughter connections

are always complicated,

I also know the Love we share

continues unabated.

cfblack    05-17-2018














My recipe book: Chicken in parmesan sauce

May 11, 2018

I have no confidence in cooking. I had a mother who did it all. In doing it all, she never taught her daughters (or sons) how to cook. So this is a new project, to keep a record of meals that worked, at least for us. They are easy, don’t take much time, & taste good.

This one has too much salt since I use a Campbells Dinner sauce in a bag. But it was good, has veggies, not bad. Currently we are not eating breads, rice, noodles, any pasta, you get the gyst. Just meat, veggies, fruit.

This is just browned chicken tenders in oil, (3 kinds of)pepper, Italian seasoning, chopped onion & green pepper I get at Target in a bag already chopped, then Campbell’s Parmesan dinner sauce that comes in a bag. Lima beans on the side. I also put some green beans in it, cooked in the bag first, then dumped in w/ chicken.

Hidden Words no.67

April 23, 2018

I haven’t posted one of these since 2014.


O SON OF BEAUTY! By My spirit and by My favor! By My mercy and by My beauty! All that I have revealed unto thee with the tongue of power, and have written for thee with the pen of might, hath been in accordance with thy capacity and understanding, not with My state and the melody of My voice.


Late at night

April 18, 2018

Late at night

as the moon travels

on its path across the sky,

the world asleep

the quietness

the calm and solitude,

the body screaming tired

but still awake,

the spirit lifts

above the noise

and peace sets in.

The bed now calls

and I will dream

until the morning comes.

cfblack  04-18-2018 1am